Is your mobile phone being spied on or hacked? These simple details let you know

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It is certain that no one is safe from phone hacking. If you want to know if you are a victim of a malicious act, here is how to do it.

smartphone virus

phone hacking. Source: spm

How can your phone be hacked?

There are a large number of techniques to hack smartphones and they are more or less complex. So you have to know them to better avoid them.

  • SIM swap: The scammer uses this technique to transfer the phone number to his SIM card. Thus, he will be able to access your accounts, and thus control them.
  • Spying programs: This spyware, which runs in the background, is installed without the knowledge of the phone owner. Target ? Collect your personal data and monitor your digital activities remotely. The irony is that some of these spyware can be manipulated by someone who is not necessarily a computer expert!
  • Data theft via a twin network: Note to freelancers connecting to public wifi: This hacking technique can be very dangerous for your business! In fact, a scammer can create fake WiFi access points to collect personal information such as banking details or passwords. It can steal data via USB cable to a charging station or redirect you to malicious websites!
  • phishing Its concept is very simple: hackers send text messages that seem perfectly legitimate with the aim of recovering personal data.
  • Virus spread: If you download a file from a suspicious web page, hackers can easily spread malware or other viruses like Trojans.
hacked phone

phone hacking. Source: spm

How do you know if your cell phone has been hacked?

In general, here are the signs of a phone hack:

  • Your passwords have been changed without your permission.
  • You can no longer access your online accounts.
  • Create a new account next to your account.
  • A new IP address appears in the list of recent connections to one of your accounts.
  • You discover that unknown calls have been made with your mobile plan or that the charges are higher.
  • Ads you haven’t seen before start showing up.

In recent years, the number of malicious applications has increased. It is called “stalkerware” or “spyware”, It can be downloaded everywhere on the Internet. If someone manages to install it on your phone, they can access your messages, record your phone calls, locate your phone, listen to your conversations using your phone’s microphone… There are also other ways to know if your phone has been hacked.

  • Random restart: Rebooting your phone without manipulation on your part? This means that someone has remote access to your device. Therefore, that person may have administrator-level access to your phone. So you can do whatever you want with it!
  • slow performance: If your mobile phone suffers from frequent slowdowns, it could be due to spyware. These run in the background of your device and collect your data (photos, passwords, etc.) on an external server. These operations require large resources from your phone, which leads to slow performance.
  • Posts with links: To spy on your phone, a malicious person can send you a message containing one or more links. If you open it, spyware can then install itself on your phone without your knowledge.
  • High temperature: If your phone has a high temperature, especially when it is in sleep mode, it could be a sign that it is being spied on. In fact, malicious apps can run in the background. They can send files to an external server or record your conversations.
  • Unusually high data usage: Is your internet data usage abnormally high? This could be a sign… of spying! A hacker wants to collect your data to sell it on black markets or use it to blackmail you. So it accesses your device remotely and transfers your files to its server, which requires the use of your internet data.
phone spy

Spy phone. Source: spm

How to protect your phone from any intrusion?

Use the code *#21# to see if your calls or messages have been forwarded. If so, use the code ##002# to disable the hack on your phone.

It is recommended to install antivirus software on your phone. Thus, your personal data will be more protected!

Avoid installing unknown apps, especially if they are not from trusted platforms.

Do not connect your smartphone to free terminals to recharge it.

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