How do you get fireflies in the garden? Garden centers trick to attract them in two minutes

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An increasing number of fireflies in the eastern Pyrenees are beetles that emit light signals. This biological luster allows males and females to communicate with each other, and thus mate. In addition to this beautiful light show, firefly larvae feed on pests, and therefore are useful for the garden.

What’s the trick to attracting fireflies to the garden?


Firefly – Source: spm

Fireflies like wet places. To attract them to your garden, it is advisable to build a small pond for them. Moreover, these beetles thrive and mates in wet areas, Especially near running or standing water. Note, however, that moisture also attracts Unwanted insects, such as mosquitoes.

If you don’t want to build a pond, you can choose to keep a pile of wood in your garden. This provides the fireflies with a damp, dark place where they can lay their eggs. Firefly larvae may also feed on slugs, snails, and worms that gather in a pile of damp wood. Moreover, these are gastropods One of the favorite foods of firefly larvae. It is therefore advisable to leave caterpillars, snails, slugs and worms lying in your garden, in order to make a tasty meal for these carnivorous insects and thus attract them to your green space.

What are some other tips for attracting fireflies to the garden?

In addition to creating a moist environment in your garden to attract fireflies, here are 4 simple and effective tricks to attract these fireflies and enjoy a beautiful light show.

  • Keep the lights off to attract fireflies

Fireflies prefer dark. External lights can, in fact, prevent them from producing their own light. Moreover, fireflies emit light either to frighten their predators, or to attract and mate their counterparts. It’s not about drowning your garden in the dark, But at least to avoid very strong lights.

light fireflies

Firefly Light – Source: spm

  • Let the grass grow to attract fireflies

Fireflies are the night beetles that love Hiding in the grass and dense vegetation during the day. However, delay pruning tall weeds to transform your garden into a place they like. Note, however, that tall grass is suitable Infestation of fleas and ticks.

  • Flowers grow to attract fireflies

Fireflies appreciate pollen and nectar. To attract them, simply plant a variety of native flowers in your garden or around your house.

  • Do not use pesticides to attract fireflies

If fireflies are in decline, it is in particular due to the use of pesticides, as well as herbicides and other chemical products. To attract these glowing beetles, avoid using these products that are harmful to plants and animals as well. You can replace these chemicals with natural insecticides that you can easily prepare at home.

Thanks to these tips, you will be able to attract these bioluminescent beetles to your garden. However, be careful not to trap them in a jar. Capturing them means killing them due to the lack of oxygen in the jar, not to mention that their wings can be damaged. Moreover, they will not have enough food to survive.

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