Excessive use of liquid detergent can damage your washing machine: Here’s the trick to selecting the right amount

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How do you avoid making mistakes when setting detergent doses? Here’s what the experts recommend.

How much detergent should be put in the washing machine?

Add detergent to the washing machine

Adding washing powder to the washing machine – Source: spm

It is important to know the right amount of detergent to use when washing clothes.

Usually people think that adding more detergent is more effective and removes all the dirt, but specialists have a completely different opinion.

Excessive use can cost you dearly and make cleaning clothes more difficult. Experts explain that an excessive amount of detergent causes a thin film to form on the fabric, which prevents the clothes from washing properly.

It is therefore recommended to use a special measuring container for dosing.

If you have a washing machine with a load of 4 to 5 kg, use only 50 ml of detergent. For a washing machine with a load of 6-8 kg, use only 75 ml. Finally, you can use 100ml of liquid detergent for 9kg washing machine

The measuring cup helps you measure the correct amount of detergent to add to the washing machine. Too much detergent can cause your washer to malfunction and the solution can form foam that seeps out of the washer.

What are the consequences of excessive use of detergents?

Appliances can be damaged if we don’t use the right amount of cleaner properly.

Sticky residue in the washing machine tub

This indicates that the washer was not able to disassemble all the laundry detergent. All you have to do to remove sticky residue is to run a rinse cycle on your clothes.

The washing machine smells bad

The washing machine smells bad

The washing machine smells bad – Source: spm

Your washing machine smells bad if you use too much detergent. Yes, you heard right! If you use a lot of the solution, the residue can lead to mold, which is responsible for bad odors. Specialists recommend filling the tank with detergent to the extent specified by the manufacturer.

Clothes are stained or dull

Colored clothes, especially black clothes, end up out of the washing machine looking dull when we use more detergent than they should. Clothes come out with white spots. It is better to wash it by hand.

The washer does not drain or stop in the middle of the cycle

Too much detergent can prevent the water from draining properly. Foam can also prevent the washing machine from running.

Usually, the recommendations on the product packaging tend to exceed the required amount.

In addition, they are generally prescribed for conventional 5kg washers. So we can think that a larger washing machine of 7kg or more will need more detergent.

So remember to dose the detergent well before starting the washing machine!

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