Don’t waste your money on expensive products, here’s how to clean them for 0.50 cents

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Due to weather, dust, and dirty roads, car edges tend to get dirty quickly. When properly maintained, they make the car look better. However, learn how to clean car tires without spending a lot of money.

Car rims need regular maintenance, especially as they get dirty easily with roads and external conditions. To clean it and make it look new, you do not need to resort to expensive cleaning products. These natural and economical tricks can do the trick.

clean car rims

clean car rims – source: spm

Before cleaning the rims and making them look new, know that you can take apart the wheels for easier cleaning or else you can do the cleaning directly on the vehicle. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands.

  • White vinegar to clean dirty edges

White vinegar is a natural and economical household product, used to degrease any surface, Remove stubborn stains. This natural stain remover can be used at home and laundry care Car rim maintenance. To do this, pour white vinegar into a spray and spray it on the soiled edges. Then scrub with a soft, clean microfiber sponge to avoid scratches, then rinse thoroughly with clean water to make sure all dust is removed. Do not forget to dry the rims with a microfiber cloth, to polish them. Note that it is important to dry your rims properly, especially If the water in your area is very hard. So you will be sure not to leave any stains on the rims. Feel free to use white vinegar again, if stains persist. Note that white vinegar can be used on the edges of aluminum or alloys.

polish car rims

Car rim polishing – Source: spm

  • Soap and water to reduce edges

to reduce rims remove dirt, You can use dish soap. Dilute a few drops of dishwashing liquid in hot water in a bowl. Soak a soft sponge in this soapy water and rub the edges to remove dirt and traces of grease. Rinse with clean water and then wipe the rims with a dry microfiber cloth to polish them and make them shine.

Note that you can Replace dishwashing liquid with liquid black soap Which, in addition to being economical, is also environmental. Dilute a few drops of black soap in hot water, soak the edges in this soapy water, and then scrub with a soft microfiber sponge. To reduce edges, you can use, in addition to soapy water, White vinegar or exfoliating cream. Then rinse with clean water and dry properly.

trick: To make your own cleaning and degreasing cream, mix five tablespoons of baking soda with one drop of liquid soap and two tablespoons of salt and water. to form a soft dough. Apply the cream to the edges, then rub with a sponge. Rinse and then dry.

rubbing car rims

Rubbing the edges of the car – Source: spm

  • Soda crystals to clean heavily soiled rims

For edges clogged with dust, mix 1/4 of soda crystals with 3/4 of water and soak a sponge in this solution. rub the rims, then rinse well, Do not forget to dry the rims.

  • Blanc de Meudon for cleaning dirty rims

Blanc de Meudon is a chalk based cleaning product. Effective in cleaning and polishing surfaces, you can use it To find clean car rims. To do this, soak a clean cloth or soft brush in Blanc de Meudon and scrub the edges. Then polish it with a soft cloth. This trick is especially effective with aluminum rims.

For effective polishing, you can use vegetable oil, Such as olive oil, avocado, rapeseed and sesame oil. To do this, put a few drops of the oil of your choice on a clean microfiber cloth and gently rub the edges By making circular motions. If you have used too much oil, run a paper towel over the edges to absorb the excess oil. In addition to making the edges shine, the vegetable oil will form a barrier which will protect the rims from dirt, To keep it clean for a long time.

With these tips, you’ll clean and polish your tires and make them look like new, without breaking the bank.

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