Do you know the secret car button? Saves a lot of fuel

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There is a strategic button that allows you to choose the air conditioning system of your choice.

What is that secret button in your car that saves gas?

It is no longer a surprise when you walk to the gas station and see Exorbitant prices for the price of a liter of gasoline. You will then have to reduce your expenses and therefore your travel. Very complicated situation But fortunately, there is a solution to address this problem using a button with an unknown function on your car.

Air recirculation button

Air recirculation button. Source: spm

This unknown button is for your vehicle’s cabin air recirculation system. can help you Fuel savings. To find it on your dashboard, it is often placed next to Other ventilation controls can be identified by their diagram. Depending on the car model, it has three arrows that recirculate air. It is also recognizable by the image of a car with a horizontal U-shaped arrow inside.

When activated, this button recirculates cabin air while reducing fuel consumption. And indeed, the air in your car will be automatically replenished through the vents. Thus, the air conditioning system will not need to use outside air. Knowing that what leads to excessive fuel consumption is the process of extracting air from the outside and then cooling it or heating it from the inside.

car air recirculation button

Car air recirculation button. Source: spm

So the car air recirculation button is used to replenish the air in the passenger compartment of your vehicle and not to restore the outside air. if he can is being Very useful in tunnels when you can’t open windows due to pollution, When you are behind a highly polluted vehicle or when you are stuck in traffic.

Caution: To avoid any inconvenience, do not activate the air recirculation button for a long time until the air is renewed properly and with good quality. On some car models, air recirculation stops automatically.

Now that you know how to save money with this unknown button in your car, you can adopt another behavior by driving your car in a more environmentally friendly way. This will also reduce fuel consumption.

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