Can you find the fourth cat in this picture? test your IQ

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Well, it’s time to outdo yourself and prove to us that you are a master at facing even the most complex challenges. Here are two new viral challenges worth checking out. Let the best win!

Can you select 4The tenth cat in the picture?

This is the first visual puzzle featuring multiple cats. At first glance, we notice that there are 3 black cats on the floor. However, there are 4The tenth The hairball is hidden somewhere in the picture. You have exactly 25 seconds to try to detect its presence. Do you feel able to do that? We warn you right away: only 5% of Internet users have solved the challenge on the first try. It is up to you to focus and push the limits of your visual acuity to locate this little one.

visual challenge photo

the cats

Visual Challenge – Source: spm

Of course, to find the solution in this imposed time frame, you must increase your visual agility, but also have a well-trained mental prowess. It’s not that easy, but it’s not impossible either. Focus well on the photo and don’t get distracted by outside clutter.

Simple tip? Look at the top of the picture. If you focus well, this part of the picture can help.

Visual challenge solving

So, did you manage to find this famous fourth cat? If not, don’t worry, we know it wasn’t easy to find. But once you find out the answer, it will pass on to you! So click the link below to find out the answer.

NB : We never specify its color! Well, let’s bet you’ve been on a desperate search for another black cat.

the cats

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Don’t stop at this failure. Want your revenge? So try to solve this new riddle that may be more lenient with you.

It’s up to you to find the parachute in this picture!

In this second visual challenge, the goal is to locate an umbrella hidden in the image. We’re in a cafe, people are sitting, there’s a table, plants, benches, a waitress who works hard… At first glance, everything seems to fall into place. However, there is an umbrella placed somewhere in the illustration. You have exactly 7 seconds to find it. Are you ready for this challenge?

As you’ll notice, some items look exactly like the research topic. Don’t be easily fooled. Focus well and observe the whole picture carefully, without neglecting any details. Even if the challenge seems complicated, don’t give up too quickly. By solving this puzzle, your satisfaction will be really high!

visual challenge photo

Visual Challenge -1

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Visual challenge solving

What do you think of this challenge? Was it less full than the first? Did you finally find the parachute in the photo in less than 7 seconds? If your mind is agile enough to figure out the solution quickly, we congratulate you for your response. But, if despite all your efforts, this umbrella is not found, don’t worry, we understand that it is difficult to locate it in such a short time. So you will find the solution below.

In fact, it’s all about training. The more you do this type of exercise, the more attention your brain will have to solving the problem. Feel free to challenge your friends to test their mental speed.

Visual Challenge -1 . solution

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

What is a visual puzzle?

Riddles are common on social networks. It is very popular because it fills our free time and is very interesting. It consists in identifying a bug, a person, an animal, an object or a number hidden in a given image. It requires great thinking, concentration and visual acuity. But specifically, the interesting effect of it is that the time imposed is often relatively short. You have to increase your cognitive abilities tenfold to succeed in facing the challenge very quickly.

It’s time to get some mental exercise and amaze those around you!

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