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A great danger awaits 3 signs of the zodiac in September: they will face unexpected difficulties

Uranus in Taurus brings unexpected changes in September. According to the famous Russian astronomer Pavel Globa, some signs of the zodiac may encounter unexpected difficulties. They will have to overcome some daily hurdles while staying alert. Some questionable details may slip away this month and put them at risk.

What zodiac signs should be careful in September?

Danger awaits some signs of the zodiac in September. Three of them should be especially careful and avoid unnecessary risks. If you were born under one of these astro signs, get ready to face some unexpected events!


Twins. Source: spm

The first sign that should remain vigilant in September is Gemini. It will be the target of envious and malicious people. Anyone close to him can set a trap for him at work and put him in an awkward position with his clients or superiors in the hierarchy. Thus it can take away Pluto’s professional authority or position and cause him to leave the company. In the same way, some family relationships, especially with a brother, sister, or child, can be disturbed by a lie or a well-kept secret. Then the stars recommend to remain vigilant and pay attention to some changes in behavior that may indicate possible deception within the family. Mercury retrograde can also cause financial problems. Caution is advised when making a transaction. Administrative expenses and contingencies should also be anticipated.

The scorpion

The scorpion. Source: spm

Scorpio is one of the signs that popped in September. He has already managed to climb the ladder in such a short time, which must have created jealousy and rivalry with some colleagues, and he will then have to take certain precautions so as not to give others a chance to sabotage his projects. In addition, the decline of Uranus causes certain disturbances that destabilize his work habits. Some mistakes can then be made at work and result in a huge loss of money. Then it redoubled its efforts to deal with this unprecedented situation. New decisions can be taken in consultation with its employees who will ensure the improvement of certain procedures. In terms of the heart, Scorpios will have to be very careful about their relationship as a couple, which can be directly affected by this crisis at work. Stress and anxiety most of the time, this Water sign will have to learn once again how to control their emotions in September in order to ease romantic and family tensions.


Pisces. Source: spm

Although Pisces are intuitive by nature, it is not uncommon for them to ignore some red flags in their love life. After recovering from a breakup or divorce, he will have to face a reality that risks frustrating him. The person concerned may deceive him in unexpected ways. He will then blame himself for his weakness and thus keep his feelings within himself instead of taking them out. This water sign will then seek to take a break and take stock of his love life, which has become a topic of discussion within his family. Thus, he will focus on his work and succeed in exchanging new ideas with his colleagues, clients or employees. Fortunately, before the end of September, Pisces will finally find some inner balance by relying on the people in their friendly circle.

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