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6 Zodiac Signs Spend Their Lives Suffering: They Often Suffer From Depression

If you are one of those who believe in astrology, know that your horoscope can well influence a large part of your personality traits, A predisposition to depression is not excluded. In fact, if you find yourself in a situation where no matter what you try, everything leads you to despair, that despite hard work, you feel sad and helpless, your horoscope can have something to do with it.

6 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Spend Their Lives In Pain


Cancer sign – Source: spm

When they are somewhat dissatisfied with their lives or their appearance in particular, Cancer patients look especially sullen. And if they are also unhappy, it is because they tend to suffer from depression more than other signs until they become very emotional. It can also lead to annoying silence.

This idea of ​​looks is obsessed with them Despite the superficial nature of the problem. If they do not meet some degree of aesthetic criteria in their view, depression is not far off. This is an understatement.


The natives of Libra become very sad if they cannot control everything that composes their daily life. This obsession with getting under control quickly can lead to many episodes of depression. The stages that are closely related to ego and self-esteem.

Besides, they can quickly become disoriented due to their indecisive nature. This tendency to hesitate stems from the perfectionism they lack which prevents them from making arrangements. Unless the latter seems irreparable to them, they remain paralyzed and therefore prefer not to do anything. As a result, their emotions are greatly affected, Guilt engulfs them, Thus, you can go through major depressing moments.


Pisces – Source: spm

If there’s one thing that puts a Pisces in a long-term state of sadness, it’s that family life goes awry. Because the whale very closely related to order and tradition, They are the first to plunge into a state of perpetual grief if their family is one of those who do not get along.

So when it comes to their family members, They are very sensitive and irritable. In such a situation, they are no longer able to appreciate all the things that give meaning to their lives, especially creative activities.


Taurus – Source: spm

When Taurus folks feel like they’re still alive, they immediately walk away. Stagnation bothers them because if there is one feeling they fear, it is the feeling of uselessness. They often end up making them depressed and if it is recurrent, This is because they, paradoxically, tend to indulge in comfort. And soon they end up regretting it.

While they know they won’t do it To find the most comfortable position It is a mistake, they still end up perpetuating it.


Virgo – Source: spm

Virgos become very dissatisfied when they become a spectator of their lives. They are constantly thinking about what they consider a life with poor dynamics, and therefore they cannot stop themselves from comparing it to the lives of others. This leads The emotional exhaustion that inevitably leads to depression.

While anxiety is everyone’s destiny, it is especially present in Virgo. In fact, they often make up scenarios in their minds that always end in disaster. If they think often, their thoughts take the form of rumination rather than organized and reasonable thoughts. These dark thoughts end up spoiling their present moment.


Scorpio – Source: spm

If Scorpios are among the signs that can easily sink into depression, it is because they live with a certain fear qThe user interface can affect their quality of life. When it worsens, it directly affects their daily activities. They can no longer appreciate the simplest things.

If they are very fond of life and want to make the most of the pleasures it can offer, They can’t help but be afraid of what might happen after the happy moments and achievement. Absolutely, death and the end of a beautiful story haunt and frustrate them. But like Virgos, they must make sure to focus on the present moment.

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