Why should roses be pruned in September and how to do it correctly? Advice from experienced gardeners

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Pruning is an important step for all plants. This enhances their flowering or fruiting, and also protects them from diseases and increases their strength. However, to take care of your rose bush and have abundant blooms, consider pruning it in early fall.

Why should roses be pruned in September and how to do it correctly?

rose bush

Rose bush. Source: spm

To maintain a rose bush, you have to promote its healthy growth and stimulate flowering. Required size.

  • Why prune a rose bush in September?

When autumn comes, that is, from September 23, roses need preparatory pruning before the more severe spring pruning. Fall pruning is optional and is less exercise, but still useful, as it allows to keep your tree, Spring pruning is supplemented. In fact, autumn pruning helps clean roses. However, this is not recommended in regions with a cold climate so as not to risk weakening it.

Pruning during the fall is beneficial for many types of roses. As for the non-existent rose bush, i.e. flowers only once per season, It is recommended to prune it from the beginning of autumn, Or wait until winter is over to do so. Everbringing roses that bloom several times a season, You also need to trim the falls. This encourages the formation of new branches to prepare for the upcoming flowering.

  • How to prune a rose branch correctly?

prune the rose

Prune the rose bush. Source: spm

To successfully prune a rose bush, use shears to remove dead wood, brittle twigs, and old twigs from the base. Also remove diseased or rotting branches. If you keep it, your tree can deteriorate in winter and pollute nearby plants. Also get rid of dead leaves under your roses Avoid adding them to the compost heap. These can carry diseases of roses, thus increasing the risk of contamination.

After this cleaning, also move on to shortening your rose branch which is to reduce the length of the branches. If you want to keep it, make sure you only cut it in half. Keep those who are most active, And prune diagonally, at a height of 1 cm above a bud that seems to you to be facing the outer part of the twig. If you prune too short, you risk making the rose bush more susceptible to cold and frost in the winter. Branches that spoil the heart of the rose bush should also be pruned.

When pruning a rose bush, it is also important To make a difference between greedy and small buds. A sucker is a secondary branch that grows on the main branches of a shrub or plant. The sucker does not produce flowers or fruit and depletes your plant because it sucks its juice. It is then recommended to delete this air branch To promote the growth and flowering of the rose bush. You can recognize a sucker by its foliage. The leaves have 7 lobes, instead of 5. Young shoots, however, must be kept, Because later they will give a flowering sprig.

This autumnal pruning cleans rosebuds of diseased or old branches that are rotting and enhances the flowering of your tree.

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