Undercut haircut for women

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Although cropped hair has been a staple hairstyle for men for decades, in recent years it has also become increasingly popular with women.

Today, you’ll find all kinds of influential celebrities and sports influencers, both on the red carpet and on your social media. We can totally see why!

Short hairstyles give you the best of both worlds: a classic style when the hair is low key and a bolder style when you’re ready to show it off. Plus, if you have thick hair or live in a hot climate, this is an easy way to stay cool.

However, there is a caveat among the benefits. Whether you have pixie hair, a bob, or long hair paired with your sexy cut, maintaining the look can be a little tricky. You need to visit the salon twice a month to keep your hair cut looking its best, or at least find creative ways to deal with new growth.

Women’s haircuts: the best models

UNDERCUT: Now is the time for the feminine version of this haircut! Why are we talking about it today? Because it is very fashionable.

Here are the most elegant models of this wonderful cut.

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