Thieves now determine which homes they will steal in this way. Many people ignore that

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Thieves became more organized. They are multiplying schemes to carry out their illegal activities. They often target the front door, which is a sore point in the home for penetration into the dwelling’s interior. It should also be noted that their intent is to be able to work quickly while maintaining as much confidentiality as possible.

What do thieves put on the front door lock?

Thieves always find ways to come up with more and more elaborate plans and get into the dwelling. Absences, however short, can be easily noticed. They’ll just have to put this thing on the door lock.

  • Tape on the door lock classic thief

tape on lock

Tape on the lock. Source: spm

Thieves are increasingly using this deceptive technology to break into homes. This trick consists of sticking a piece of tape to the main door lock. By removing it or ripping it off with a key, the thief will know you’re back home. On the contrary, if the bar is still there, then this indicates that your house is deserted. This technique can be used to estimate the frequency of your outings to determine the best time for your robbery. Alternatively, thieves can also place a piece of cardboard between the door and the door frame or move the doormat slightly.

There is little evidence that the door lock has been forced

Besides the tape on the lock indicating the attempted burglary, many other clues to the door lock can be observed. Here are some examples that prove the latter was coercive.

  • If the door lock is changed

broken door handle

Broken door handle. Source: spm

When returning from vacation, it’s important to watch out for some signs of intrusion that aren’t deceptive. If by inserting the key into the front door lock, I noticed that performing this manipulation is more difficult than usual or even impossible, This may mean that the lock has been forced. It may also be slightly offset from its original position, if thieves use force to get into the house.

  • If the door lock is scratched

The installation technique is undoubtedly the most widespread technology. Criminals use it to open your door in seconds. So, They use a flat head screwdriver or staples. This procedure can leave a trace visible to the naked eye. Therefore, when opening the door, remember to check the condition of the lock to see if there are scratches on the metal surface.

Compulsory lockout: what are the correct measures to be taken?

Violation sign on the door handle

Violation sign on the door handle. Source: spm

If when you return to your home you notice any of the above signs, it could be because a thief is trying to break into your home. In this case, there is nothing else to do but to replace it by contacting a professional locksmith. But before long, think of First call the police or gendarmerie so they can come and check the facts. Your insurance will also need the notification. Then take pictures of your lock to attach your complaint. Do not attempt to repair the lock yourself, as this may lead to further damage. In addition, home insurance may refuse to cover repair costs. Finally, don’t forget to walk around your home to check for any other signs of a home intrusion.

Now you’ve been warned, the “tape trick” is one of the most common tricks thieves use to locate abandoned homes. To avoid unpleasant surprises, feel free to enhance the security of your home as much as possible by installing an alarm system, surveillance cameras, or by keeping your dog indoors.

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