Stop throwing away silica gel bags: it can save a lot of money

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Often our first instinct when opening the package is to get rid of those little white bags, but by knowing how to use them daily, you won’t be able to see them with the same eye.

What is silica gel?

Silica gel in granules

Silica gel in granules – Source: spm

Silica gel is a substance of mineral origin that is marketed in various forms: granules, pearls or balls. It is used for its drying and absorbent properties. Its role is to absorb ambient moisture to protect various products during transportation or storage. That’s why they’re found in shoe, clothing, and high-tech packaging, but also medicine and cosmetics or museum display cases. Please note that there are two types of silica gel to choose from depending on the use: industrial silica gel for things and food grade silica gel for food or pharmaceutical products.
It can be white or colored but this does not change its absorbency. Tinted gel changes color only when it is saturated and needs to be renewed.
Silica gel is non-toxic and does not pose any danger, but it is best to leave it in its packaging, wash your hands after handling and of course not eat it.
You can get silica gel at DIY stores or at online merchant sites.

How do you keep a laptop wet with silica gel?

Your smartphone is wet and panicked! You just dropped your phone in the sea or your neighbor spilled his coffee on your precious device, what do you do?

First turn it off and quickly erase it. Then remove the case, dry the connectors with an absorbent cloth, remove the battery, if possible, as well as the SIM and memory card, and dry them as well.
Put your smartphone in an airtight bag or box, and cover it completely with a good amount of silica gel granules for 48 hours. Be careful not to overcrowd the pellets in the connectors. The gel, thanks to its ability to absorb, can save it. This technique is more effective than the rice technique.

Wet mobile phone

Wet mobile phone – Source: spm

6 magic tricks using silica gel

You may not know it, but silica gel can be a solution to many small everyday problems, and it will make your life easier.


Sportswear – Source: spm

1- Drying wet clothes : If you come back from the beach or from the pool and your clothes are still wet, it doesn’t matter. Put it in a bag with a few bags of silica and it will finish drying softly without the smell of damp or mildew, it’s magic!

2- Eliminate unpleasant odors : If your bag or sneakers smell foul, or if your closet or closet smells bad, act! There are a few silica bags placed inside that absorb all the moisture and remove unwanted odors.

3- Stop rust and oxidation : By absorbing ambient moisture, silica gel prevents the oxidation of metal objects. So you can protect your jewelry, silverware and even your gadgets, not to mention your razors that will last longer.

4- Remove the fog from the windshield of the car: What could be more annoying than driving with a fog-covered windshield. To remedy this problem, simply place bags of silica gel on the dashboard along the windshield. Guaranteed result!

5- Protect your photos and groups: If you have collections of stamps, photos, or old books, silica gel will be a valuable ally to help you keep them dry in good conditions.

fog windshield

Foggy windshield – Source: spm

Now that you know all the secrets of silica gel sachets, feel free to keep them, they will surely serve you!

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