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How do you act in the event of an elevator failure?

Get in the elevator

Getting on an Elevator – Source: spm

Many people suffer from elevator phobia. When you feel claustrophobic, there is no worse situation than being stuck between two floors. Between fear, tension, shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation, some people feel it as a real anxiety attack. However, when we panic, we tend to act recklessly.

If you ever fall victim to an elevator collapse, you should remain absolutely calm and not attempt risky maneuvers, in order to avoid aggravating the situation. Adhere to basic safety rules. Even if you manage to open the elevator door on a floor to be able to get out, do not think about it before the technical team arrives and properly stop the elevator motor. Improper handling can be very dangerous to you.

In the end, the best solution is to wait for the technician to arrive. Obviously, the first instinct is to press the emergency button on the keyboard, which communicates directly with the elevator maintenance company. Today, all lifts are required to have it. Rest assured, we will come quickly to the rescue.

A simple push of the alarm button is enough to put you in touch with the operator who can then instantly identify the lift at your place. The nearest technician will be on his way to get you out of there.

Elevator breakdown: 5 tips to follow

Press the elevator button

Press the elevator button – Source: spm

  • First rule: Try to stay as calm as possible, especially in the first few minutes. The wrong decision can lead to a more dangerous situation.
  • Do not try to get out of the elevator yourself, especially if it is between two floors. There is a high risk of falling or getting trapped if the lift starts again suddenly. The danger is very serious.
  • Press the emergency button that you will find in the elevator. If a technical accident or a power outage also affected this button and did not work, you have the numbers of the maintenance company. If none of the calls return to you, you can call the fire department.
  • Your commotion must have alerted the building’s neighbors or anyone in the building. Above all, don’t let anyone try to open an elevator door stuck between two floors. It is also very risky. Here again, it is better to wait for the arrival of specialists.

good to know In general, one of the most common fears in this type of situation is the fear of falling from several floors or running out of air. Rest assured, elevators have several safety systems that prevent this type of collapse. They are also checked monthly each time a maintenance technician visits. In addition, the elevator also has a specific ventilation system to prevent the cabin from running out of air. Thanks to the grilles, we ensure that the incoming air circulates properly and that the temperature remains stable. All of these precautions are part of safety standards.

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