Can you identify the killer among the restaurant customers? Only the smartest can do it

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Here is the visual puzzle

optical illusion

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

In the crime scene photo, we clearly see a dead body lying bleeding on the floor of the restaurant’s bathroom. The victim holds a handkerchief in his left hand. The murder weapon, a bloody knife, lay next to her. In addition to the dead woman, on the side of the room, we discover people sitting and a waiter. In total, there are clearly 5 people in the picture, including 4 seated customers and a full service server. Among all these heroes, hides the supposed killer. At first glance, it is difficult to incriminate anyone because every single one of them can be questionable.

However, one of them had committed a murder. To determine the identity of the killer, you should carefully monitor every detail of the photo, and even try to find possible contact between the client and the victim. Pay attention to every hero: If you don’t find anything fishy in about each first, don’t dwell on it and move on to the next step.

So, did you find the culprit?

We offer you a confession: very few people were able to find a solution to this complex puzzle. A difficult puzzle to solve, as you saw, no time limit was imposed. So if you fail despite your best efforts, don’t worry. This type of challenge requires a lot of focus and very sharp observation. In any case, thunderous applause for those who crossed their borders and managed to find the criminal in a few minutes.

Let’s take a picture together: you will notice that there are no suspicious marks on the body or clothes of the waiter and the customers numbered 1, 2, and 3. 4 are in unfortunate condition. His shirt is wrinkled and torn, and he also has stains, presumably blood. At the level of the neck, one could also see a fresh wound. It is clear that he appears to have a direct connection with the victim, since his suspicious appearance leads one to believe that there is indeed a fight between them.

This was the answer you were looking for: This client in question is indeed the sure-killer.

Ready to continue with this other visual challenge?

Did this challenge make you breathless? Well, don’t stop there. In the process, we invite you to solve a new puzzle. This time it is an optical illusion that will test your concentration, mental ability and visual acuity at the same time.

But beware, unlike the other picture, there is a time limit now: you will only have 7 seconds to complete this challenge!

Your goal: you will have to find several complete faces in the picture. Before you begin, know that thousands of netizens on different social networks have played the game, and some of them are luckier and faster than others. If you have enough skills to pull it off, victory will be yours!

Remember that this illustration is a real trompe l’oeil: at first glance, it’s a landscape with trees and leaves. But, in total, 8 heads fell. It is up to you to define them by focusing fully, without letting yourself be distracted. Unleash your imagination and mental abilities.

viral challenge photo

visual challenge

Visual Challenge – Source: spm

solution to this challenge

Did you manage to find all the faces hidden in the picture or just a few? The challenge was pretty tough, wasn’t it? To achieve complete success, you must have exceptional eyesight. Never mind, if you are short on time or if you think this optical illusion is too complicated for you, we will show you the location of each face. Just click on the link below.

Visual challenge solving

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Feel free to solve this kind of viral challenge as much as possible. The benefits to the brain are numerous. It thus strengthens all of your cognitive abilities, particularly with regard to attention, memory, language, social cognition, concentration or observation.

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