What do the colors on food packaging mean? Unknown function but very useful

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food packaging

Food Packaging – Source: spm

What do the colors on food packaging mean?

Know already that there is nothing to fear: There is nothing dangerous or fishy in these color codes. As a rule, industrial food packaging is necessarily printed by large machines. The latter must necessarily pass through the required quality controls.

Therefore, these color codes or process control codes are used to indicate the shades of ink with which the package was printed. This inspection is mandatory to ensure that the colors used in the packaging are completely correct and have no actual contact with food.

If there is a problem with the colors of the packaging, these codes will help to detect it. So, rest assured, there is no serious or problematic meaning that should appeal to you.

Expiry date stated on the packaging

Expiry date on the packaging – Source: spm

And what about expiration dates: Is food really no longer edible?

The dates on food packages are not always the expiration dates. Above all, they are designed for safety and to ensure product quality.

But what do they mean exactly?

Expiration date : Tell the store the date the product was sold. After this time, its quality and safety may be compromised, so the consumer should not buy it. This date also determines if an item has been on the shelf longer than other items.

Expiration date : It is recommended to eat the product before this date to get the best flavor and enjoy all its nutritional benefits. After this period is exceeded, this food is supposed to expire. They should therefore be disposed of, as they have potential health risks.

Consume before: This date, specified by the manufacturer, indicates the quality of the product. This means that food may spoil after the expiration date.

Encrypted or encrypted dates : They are usually found in canned or canned foods. These are the package numbers used by the manufacturers. In case of any problem, such as urgent withdrawal of some products, these codes will help make the process easier.

It is important to know how to decipher all these dates. This allows you to reduce food waste, but also saves on grocery costs. However, it should not always be relied upon: some foods can still be eaten despite their expiration date. Make a habit of freezing perishable foods within days of purchase. And above all, learn how to store them well at home. But don’t forget that food products end up spoiling one day or another. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, it is always wise to take some precautions and avoid eating expired or moldy foods.

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