To get beautiful and lush plants, you will only need these two secret ingredients

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Even when there are many products on the market for preserving plants, natural methods remain the most effective. In this article, we bring you two essential ingredients to boost the growth of plants and make them shine on a daily basis.

So what ingredients should be used to get leafy plants?

If you’ve tried a lot of home remedies and your plants are still growing slowly or seem to wilt over time, try the following two ingredients right away. At the same time, it will always be necessary to take into account the needs of your plants for light and water, thinking about protecting them from the cold in winter.

Use ground coffee and sugar to promote plant growth

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In order to promote the rapid growth of plants, there is nothing better than ground coffee. Its high nitrogen content is ideal for plant nutrition especially The floor Who sees it grow?. Adding a little more powdered sugar will make it grow. The method is simple, just mix the two ingredients in a container and place them at the foot of the plant while you water it as usual. These ingredients are excellent for treating yellow leaves.

Other Tips for Shine on Plants

It is not uncommon to see dust accumulating on the leaves of the plant. This gives them a nice and boring look. In addition to the previous tip, these simple and natural ingredients will add shine to the leaves of plants.

shining plant leaves with beer

Surprising isn’t it? It is possible to clean the leaves of the plant with beer. That’s enough Soak a rag with a mixture of water and beer before passing it over the foliage. This trick will not only remove all the dust that has accumulated on the plant, but also make it shine.

Wipe the leaves of the plant with cow’s milk

cleaning plant leaves

Clean the leaves of the plant. Source: spm

The second trick is to clean the leaves of the plant with a mixture of water and cow’s milk. to equipyou all subordinate During clean washing Soaked in the mixture of the two ingredients And the passDamn it gently on the foliage. Although unusual, this cleaning technique definitely works.

Clean the leaves of the plant with olive oil

Olive oil is a must in the kitchen. By testing it on your plants, you won’t be able to do without it. Pour a few drops of this ingredient onto a soft, damp sponge. Then gently clean the leaves of the plant. In addition to giving it a natural shine, olive oil is an excellent repellent. Reverse insects.

Sprinkle leaves with tea

plant fumigation

Plant fumigation. Source: spm

Trick two in one. In addition to cleaning the plant, tea acts as a real insect repellent. Then prepare a light tea and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray the plants. It is also possible to place a tea bag at the foot of the plant to maintain soil moisture and reduce watering.

Use banana peel on your leavess the plants

Banana peel is often used as a natural fertilizer rich in starch, fast sugars, nitrogenous proteins and vitamins. It can also work wonders on the leaves of plants. Just rub them with the inside of a banana peel foreuro Brings luster and shine. Feel free to leave the peel at the base of the plant or put it underground to take advantage of its nutrients.

You will understand that you have no better plants at home than 100% natural ingredients like ground coffee and sugar. Feel free to try other tricks to make the leaves of your plants more lustrous and lush.

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