Refurbished Smartphones: What You Need to Know Before You Buy It

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So, yes, buying a refurbished smartphone allows you to save money. Before taking any action, there are a few things you need to take into consideration Get better value for money.

iPhone repair

iPhone repair. Source: spm

What are the reactions to follow to make sure it is the right smartphone?

This is a booming market. Many online stores offer to buy old phones for repair and resale. So you are wondering if you should trust refurbished smartphones. There are quite a few checks that are done before purchasing this type of smartphone.

If your smartphone is an iPhone, is it compatible with the latest IOS version?

You definitely want your mobile phone to have the latest Apple iOS system to enjoy better performance.

In fact, your favorite app or game may not work on a phone that doesn’t support the latest iOS version. Before paying, check if the apps you use often work on your new phone.

Is the smartphone stolen?

If you buy from a website that has an excellent reputation, you will never have this kind of problem because the supplier articles contain IMEI: a unique number stored on the smartphone that acts as an identifier. If the theft is announced, the IMEI is marked as such. In the case of a private purchase, you can do a quick search on IMEI verification sites such as or with your phone company.

What about your smartphone battery life?

Phones can be renewed, but not batteries! This is because battery performance drops significantly over time. However, even smartphones dating back 3 years have to fight back at the end of the day.

Professional sellers follow a process that checks each phone’s battery life. Feel free to inquire with them about the battery status!

Is smartphone storage good for you?

This applies to both new and refurbished smartphones! If you plan to install a lot of apps or if you like to take a lot of photos and videos, you will definitely not be satisfied with a phone with medium storage. On the other hand, if you only need dozens of apps, use your smartphone only for calls or don’t take a lot of photos, an average of 32GB can be more than enough for you.

Know your storage space capacity. You can always add an SD card if you plan to expand your apps and take more photos, videos, etc.

Is your smartphone warranty offered?

Generally, sellers of refurbished smartphones offer an average of 3 months minimum warranty. However, some suppliers offer a 6-month warranty. Additionally, sellers may offer an extended warranty option, especially if your new smartphone is recent. So check the level of warranty coverage.

old phones

Old phones. Source: spm

Is there a difference between used and refurbished (refurbished) smartphones?

Yes, there is a difference to be made! Refurbished phones are sold directly from a manufacturer, retailer or retailer after they have been tested, inspected and refurbished. On the other hand, used smartphones are often offered for purchase directly without being verified. Thus, you are not sure of its quality!

Refurbished smartphones are categorized by quality (good, very good or excellent), which allows you to know the condition of the smartphone before you even get your hands on the wallet.

In addition, the price of a refurbished mobile phone is generally higher than the price of a used one. In fact, professionals check these smartphones beforehand to ensure that they are in good condition. So you have some form of guarantee.

Finally, you should submit your new, refurbished smartphone for functionality tests to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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