Pour this liquid into your tank: it will save you hundreds of dollars a year

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The explosion in fuel prices is one reason that should encourage us to rethink our gasoline consumption. From there, it is advisable to choose products that allow you to make some savings.

Refuel at the gas station

Refueling at the gas station – Source: spm

What product should you put in your car to save fuel?

To save a great deal of fuel and thus avoid destroying yourself, All you need is to use the right additive. For this, a certain product will be able to adapt to your car, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Energy saving

Energy Saving – Source: spm

First of all, you should know that additives clean syringes by keeping them clean. It also improves fuel flow during in Avoid debris formation. Lots of benefits that save a few precious Euros. Reason to use it A well-known cleaning additive for him efficacy.

If you want to use a product that combines all of these qualities, Facom injection cleaner is an excellent choice to improve combustion performance. Thanks to her, the performance of your car’s engine will be improved more than ever and this will appear when driving. In addition, the use of this additive will make it possible to better control fuel consumption.

There are also other additives to improve injector lubrication and allow fuel to flow more easily while preventing engine contamination.

What other additives to save fuel?


Supplement – Source: spm

To reduce fuel consumption, there are many other additives that are equally interesting from a technical and economic point of view. of between it :

C99, a diesel additive

The C99 is another good product for your wallet, which in turn helps you reduce fuel consumption. about 10%, which is far from neglected. In addition, 250 ml of this additive can process up to 1000 liters of gasoline. So you can use it every time you fill up.

Set of 3 magnetic fuel filters

One of the reactions that must be followed in order to maintain the efficiency of our car is to check the fuel filters regularly. They often get dirty, which affects the proper functioning of the car. By having backup filters at your disposal, you can anticipate this problem. In addition, replacement is easy. Feel free to change it As soon as you notice the current filters are clogged.

Gasoline booster additive

Another solution to reduce fuel costs is to use this product, which increases the energy efficiency of your vehicle by about 11%. Moreover, in addition to regulating the fuel/air ratio, this product also allows Extend the life of your engine.

portable air compressor

It is important, and even essential, to maintain your air filters as quickly as possible. In fact, the debris ends up clogging the latter, not forgetting the dirt that accumulates there over time. for keep them clean And the Avoid excessive fuel consumptionPortable Air Compressor will be useful to you.

fuel pressure regulator

If you want to maintain optimum fuel pressure in your car engine, this mechanical part is what you need. this way, The rate of fuel sent to your engine and your vehicle will be regulated optimum consumption.

Thanks to these alternatives, your visits to the service station will be less, and this will also have a positive effect on the performance and life of your car engine.

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