Be careful what you type on your mobile phone: WhatsApp locks users’ accounts for this reason

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There are several reasons why an app might close a user account, and some may be less obvious than others. WhatsApp is no exception!

Why might WhatsApp delete your account?

The cross-platform mobile instant messaging application processes millions of information every day and connects millions of people around the world who, in addition to communicating, share photos, videos and all kinds of documents.

Due to the large number of conversations, WhatsApp has implemented a usage policy. If the latter is not respected, it may lead to the account being restricted or permanently deleted. Find out below why you might lose the ability to use the app.

whatsapp account blocked

WhatsApp account has been banned. Source: spm

Collect personal information on WhatsApp

Information gathering or web scraping is a technique that refers to extracting data from a website. This is done through a program or computer program. The information is collected and then exported in a specific format so that it can be reused later. In other words, it’s like copying and pasting, but in an automated way. The process is generally carried out by bots that collect, analyze, copy and store information in order to exploit it for legal or illegal purposes.

However, some scrapers use it for personal use by collecting phone data, user profile pictures and contacts on social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn on a large scale… It can also be very sensitive personal data or financial resources.

web scraping

Web scraping. Source: spm

How does WhatsApp react to such circumstances?

On the official WhatsApp website, this technology violates the terms of use of the application. Fraudsters who are suspected of extracting personal information from the platform are banned from using their account temporarily or even permanently.

Other reasons why WhatsApp may restrict or delete your account

Here are the other reasons why you might end up with a banned account.

Inactivity: Accounts that remain inactive for more than 120 consecutive days will be deleted.

Use WhatsApp “clones”: In case of using modified apps or unauthorized versions of the platform that allow hiding profile picture, status or the like, the respective account will be suspended.

Spam: Be careful what you share with your contacts. If you create mailing lists in which you share content that can be interpreted as spam, the account you are using will be deleted.

bad behavior: If multiple people report or block you on the same day, WhatsApp will consider this inappropriate behavior and terminate your account.

Sending malware: If you ask for verification codes to use an account with a phone number other than your own, and if you share malware or documents whose software has been modified, WhatsApp will immediately take restrictive action by permanently preventing you from accessing your account.

There are many reasons why WhatsApp may delete an account, and to prevent this from happening, just follow the platform’s terms of service and avoid any suspicious activity.

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