Bakers’ Trick to Keep Bread Fresh for Days: No Bread Box or Refrigerator

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To extend the life of your foods like bread, there are many effective solutions that can help you, but this tip shared by Alain Debuchy, a baker for 35 years at Puy de Dome, will allow you to keep your bread as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

What is the trick that allows you to keep your bread fresh for a very long time?

fresh bread

Fresh bread. Source: spm

To enjoy fresh bread every morning for breakfast without having to go to the bakery, you must Follow this simple trick.

  • Store bread in a cloth bag

cloth bag for bread

Cloth bag for bread. Source: spm

To avoid waste and keep the bread fresh for as long as possible, you can store it in a cloth bag. Prefer a bag made of natural materials such as linen or cotton and not synthetic materials. These materials make it possible to better regulate the humidity of the bread and the latter retain its softness for as long as possible. For optimal preservation, You can put the beanbag in a clean, cool bread box.

Discover other tips to keep bread fresher for longer


Bread. Source: spm

Bread is one of the favorite foods of the French; we You can find it on all dining tables. To keep it as long as possible and not end up with dry bread, find out These tips are to keep it well.

  • Store bread in an airtight box with an apple

To ensure that your freshly baked bread stays fresh for as long as possible, you can put it in it An airtight container with an apple cut in half. This original trick will allow you to eat fresh bread every morning for breakfast or depending on when you eat a slice of bread. You can also add a stalk of celery, a potato, or a sugar cube.

  • Cover the bread with a tea towel

It can be very difficult to stock up on fresh bread if you don’t know a few tricks. to stay Soft and crunchy Wrap the bread in a thick towel or cloth for several days and store it in a place at room temperature.

  • Freeze your bread

For perfect preservation of bread, put it in the freezer. This is very trick Efficient and economical Because you will be able to store a large amount of fresh bread. To do this, cut the baguette into several pieces that you put in freezer bags. Put them in the freezer and take them out. A few hours before enjoying it or putting it in the oven for a few minutes and it will be fresh enough to enjoy.

If you decide to freeze bread, remember to choose it very fresh and do not refreeze it for hygiene reasons.

To keep your bread fresh for a very long time, choose the right bread. White and rustic breads remain inferior in quality than those made with rye flour or whole wheat flour, for example.

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