What is your cat trying to tell you when he follows you into the house: Decoding cat language

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Here’s what you need to know so your cat has no more secrets for you.

Deciphering the secret language of cats

A cat touching its master

A cat touching its master – Source: spm

Gestures and body language are a primary way for animals to communicate with each other but also with humans. Cats have a variety of gestures, both subtle and highly expressive, which help their masters to better understand them. Some people believe that the signals sent by cats are not entirely perceptible, unlike those sent by dogs. They complain that cats are unpredictable and can attack by surprise. We need to understand that we need only a little attention when studying cats’ body language, so that we can learn what their gestures mean and why they purr or spit.

In adulthood, cats continue to meow as a vocabulary in which they can express certain situations they go through. That’s how he gets our attention through that chatting language. If you have a cat, you probably know that cats have several types of meows and behaviors, depending on the message you want to convey.

Even if, at first glance, they do not seem to be very expressive animals, compared, for example, to dogs, cats have developed a certain language through which they express their desires and feelings. Scientists who dedicated their work to studying cat behavior were able to decipher their language.

A fairly common gesture that cats make, especially towards their masters, is to rub their feet. It’s not an aggressive gesture, they won’t scratch you, but it’s a way to respond to the affection you’ve received.

When a cat brings dead mice to its owner, this is a sign of love, it considers the man a part of her family and in this way tries to teach him how to hunt.

What does staring into space mean?

Cat lying on the sofa

A cat lying on the sofa – Source: spm

Staring into space can seem intimidating, as some believe that felines can see things that are hidden from us. In fact, cats blink much less often than humans, which gives the impression that they are looking at something that is not there.

If a cat grabs the owner’s finger with its teeth, this does not necessarily mean that it is an aggressive gesture. It is also an emotional gesture that mimics the way she takes care of her young.

the position of the ears

In each ear, cats have about 25 muscles. They use the ears as a way to express their mood and communicate with you.

If the ears are completely vertical, this means that the animal is well rested. On the other hand, if they are flattened or pushed away, they are likely to feel threatened, afraid or angry.

Why does a cat follow its owner around the house?

He needs companionship and feels protected by his side. When they are young, kittens follow their mother everywhere, in this way they learn everything from her and at the same time feel more secure. Many owners, even if the cat is an adult, maintain a parent-child relationship with her, and the mother takes care of her: feeding her, taking care of her, stimulating her to play, offering her affection.

Thanks to these explanations, your cat is no longer a mystery to you!

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