What is the handle above the door? It has a very useful hidden function

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The grab or safety handles on top of the side window, inside the car, are used to keep us balanced and keep us going when the driver is going fast, or about to turn. Apart from that, it has another hidden use.

What is the hidden function of the grab handle inside the car?


handle. Source: spm

All grab handles have a spring that allows them to fold down when you are not hanging on them. But what most people don’t know is that these handles have a hook that allows it To put a hanger on it. This makes it possible to carry jackets or T-shirts Without it, it shrinks during flight.

In addition to hanging a hanger, the grab handle allows this Facilitate the exit of passengers from the vehicle. In fact, some cars, such as the three-door models, have a low roof. To get out of the passenger compartment, it is sometimes necessary to grab the handle.

In addition, it helps maintain the balance of passengers in the event of a vehicle swerving or when the driver is driving at high speed.

As a reminder, it is recommended to adopt it safe driving Stay alert while driving your car.

What are the other hidden features of the car?

If you are driving around the city, and you are stuck in traffic, you can Use automatic braking. This little-known feature is present in most new car models. This option, also called “automatic stabilization”, allows you to release the pedal when you are stuck in traffic, or when you stop at a red light, While maintaining the braking action. In other words, you are not likely to drive alone, even if you let off the pedal. This is very useful to rest the feet for a few seconds, during pauses.

New cars also have color code found under the hood. This makes it possible to identify and select different parts of the engine. In fact, each part has its own color, whether it is brake fluid, oil dipstick or windshield washer fluid. These parts can be yellow, blue, green or red, According to the car manufacturers.

car cover lift

Lift the car hood. Source: spm

What else can be found in many car models Hidden storage spaces. If some items don’t fit in your bag, you can fold the seats in the back to make extra storage space.

Realizing the usefulness of the grab handle, you will no longer use it to hold onto it during the flight, but also to place a coat hanger on it or to exit the passenger compartment more easily.

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