The trick to block a contact on WhatsApp without them noticing

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WhatsApp is not immune: you may be exposed to frequent rudeness or harassment. To deal with this inconvenience, there are several tips. Find out now in this article!

Annoying Contacts on WhatsApp: A Frequent Problem and Potential Risks!

Spam emails

Spam – Source: spm

WhatsApp fans know that spam messages happen a lot. Some may encourage us to do so Click on the links and redirect us to potentially dangerous web pages. Thus, you could easily be the victim of a fraudulent charge to your bank card, or of a spam app that aims to collect or even control your personal data without your knowledge.

How to identify unwanted messages on WhatsApp?

Like phone calls or text messages, there are also different types of spam on WhatsApp, more or less dangerous.

For example, you may receive connection requests or alerts. usually, Spammers will tell you to recover your password Or send a connection request to your bank’s website. Fortunately, official requests are subject to the strict procedures of two-factor authentication. In addition, another sign that can detect a spam is the mention: “Redirected multiple times”.

Finally, spammers may ask you to share your personal information, such as credit card or bank account numbers, date of birth, passwords, etc. They may also ask you to forward a message or demand that you have to pay to keep using WhatsApp!

WhatsApp app

WhatsApp – Source: spm

How to stop spam on WhatsApp?

In fact, it is not possible to completely get rid of spam on WhatsApp! However, you can protect yourself by changing the settings. If you have a group, you can prevent them from adding new people without your permission.

You can also prevent strangers from adding you to a group. In WhatsApp, from the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Settings, then Account > Privacy > Groups. You can then change the default setting that allows anyone to add you to a group without asking your permission first. Finally, you can decide that only your friends can add you to a group and you can also report the contacts who can’t add you.

Report and block spammers on WhatsApp

To stop harassment that can harm the mental health of its users, WhatsApp has implemented two solutions: block and report.

The process is simple and fast: open the discussion with the number to be reported. Click More options > More > Report. Then check the box if you also plan to block the user and delete their messages.

We are receiving more and more unwanted messages on WhatsApp. In the face of this, keep calm: withhold the phone number, report it and above all do not click on links from a stranger!

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