Put the car keys in the freezer: the clever trick everyone does

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Technology is certainly in the service of man, but it can sometimes turn against him. In fact, if electronic keys were more practical and convenient, the fact remains that they can be hacked. Thieves can steal your car without even stealing your keys. Find out how to protect your car with simple and practical advice.

Put the car keys in the freezer

electronic car key

Electronic car key. Source: spm

The idea may seem surprising and unexpected, but putting the keys in the freezer can save a life! Your car can be stolen without the thief taking your keys, And that through an electronic flight. In this case, the thief is close to your place of residence and is using software Which makes it possible to pick up the signal from the electronic key from your car. In fact, inside each key there is an electronic chip that allows the door to be opened, Thanks to the signal it sends.

Thanks to the program, thieves can hack the chip code, in this way they can unlock your car and steal it. They can even create a copy of the key, Simply because of the signal they were able to pick up. However, to protect your keys from being stolen, Put them in the freezer or refrigerator. Metal layers for your home appliances prevent the signal from your keys, Thus, thieves will not be able to penetrate it. Note, however, that it is important to first check with the manufacturer that the gel will not risk damaging your keys.

open the car

Open the car. Source: spm

What are some other tricks to protect your car keys from being stolen?

In addition to putting your keys in the freezer, you can resort to these following tricks to prevent thieves from picking up the signal from your keys.

  • Use aluminum foil to protect the car keys

To prevent thieves from hacking your keys, To understand with aluminum foil. Thus, thieves will not be able to pick up the signal from your keys.

  • Use the microwave to prevent car key theft

Instead of putting your keys in the freezer, you can keep them in the microwave. there againThe metal frame of your home device will protect your main signal from hacking. However, be careful not to operate the microwave, as this can cause serious damage.

  • Using RFID blockers to protect car keys

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that allows this Store and retrieve data remotely. This technology is also used for contactless credit cards. To prevent a thief from picking up the signal of your key, you can invest in it Anti-RFID Pocket which will block your key signal, Thus preventing any theft attempt.

In addition to these tips, it is also advised not to leave your electronic keys near your car or the door of your house, so that their signals are not easy to pick up.

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