How to catch mice in less than 10 minutes? Put this product on and you won’t come back!

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How do you get rid of mice in your house very quickly? They have a weak point as hell: smells. Some smells are so unbearable for them that they will no longer bother you within the confines of your home. Let’s see together what makes them escape in less than 10 minutes!

Mice hidden in the house

Mice hidden in the house – Source: spm

White vinegar and turpentine repel rodents

You probably already know that vinegar effectively repels many insects, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, wasps and even flies. But you may not know that the strong smell of white vinegar is also an excellent rodent repellent. Even if mice have already settled in your home, feel free to spray most common surfaces with vinegar. They will run away immediately. You can also soak a handful of small cotton balls in white vinegar and place them around areas likely to attract rodents.

The same goes for turpentine. This essential oil has a very unpleasant odor for rats to stay away from as much as possible. If you are concerned about the smell lingering in the house, you can place it on pieces of cardboard that you place in places frequented by rodents. This repellent scent, such as mint, eucalyptus, cloves, or cayenne pepper, will get rid of rats and mosquitoes in no time. But for the trick to work, it will be necessary to repeat the process several times.
Finally, it is also recommended to smell feathers or wool, especially burnt ones, to get rid of mice. Add more chili powder if you have it. They are ubiquitous, indoors and out, and they will quickly drive those unwanted people out of your home.

The smell of burning rubber keeps mice away

Since they have a very strong sense of smell, mice smell strong odors from afar. Thus, the smell of burning frightens them and causes them to have real panic attacks. Make sure, for example, that it will never come close to the smell of burning rubber. To repel these pests, burn a piece of rubber in the yard. After cooling, place the remaining debris in certain strategic places, where you happen to encounter rodents. You will then be glad to see that they no longer tread there!

Another trick Mice hate the shiny texture of aluminum foil. The reflection of the light seemed to bother them greatly. Take advantage of this and make some small balls to place in different corners of the house, especially in the hollows of some walls.

skin soap

Human soap – Source: spm

Soap protects you from mice

If rodents are affecting your plants in the garden, there is a very effective way to deter them from getting too close. Your secret weapon: soap. Grate a stick of it and place the cuttings in small fiber bags (or an old pair of nylon stockings) and place the bags on the crevices of the logs.

The smell of soap will scare away mice. The trick is also valid at home or in a chicken coop. Rodents will be so panicked by this smell that they will quickly leave the area.

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