Here’s why the little hole in the rules really is

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So we explain why this hole is there and how you can use it.

Piercing in the ruler: an ancient tradition

Use the ruler to underline

Use the ruler to underline – Source: spm

Underline, measure, draw lines. Using a ruler, you can draw a perfectly straight line.

The rules are very useful. You can use it to draw straight lines or measure distances. But why is there a small hole in the side of almost all rulers? Maybe to be able to draw perfect circles? .

This measuring tool has an incredible history. Researchers have found a so-called measuring rod in India that is more than 4,000 years old. With the introduction of the modern school system, the ruler arose as an integral part of it and was found in many schoolbags, along with other utensils.

Not at all, but on a large number of rulers you will notice a hole in the bottom. It is a property from the early days of school.

From the 19th century, the ruler has been part of the essential equipment for any student, along with the board and cloth for wiping the board. Some of you may still remember these tools that were used in school until recently. So that nothing was lost, the fabric was tied to the ruler with a thread.

Therefore, when the disciples used the boards, they always needed a ruler and chalk as well as a rag to clean the board. Through this hole, the ruler was threaded into the fabric.

Although today no one thinks of hanging a piece of cloth on the vase, it is still used.

Tip: If you don’t want to leave the hole in the ruler unused, you can hang it on the board, for example. You will always have it on hand.

Does the hole in the ruler still have a function today?


Base – Source: spm

Blackboards have not been used in schools for a long time, and perhaps tablets and computers can be considered an evolution. The ruler is still usable, but the hole is not. Therefore, piercing in a ruler is nothing but a tradition these days because there is no longer any real benefit in owning it.

The existence of a loophole in the base is no longer a mystery to you!

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