Why is it not recommended to put towels in the bathroom? Many people make this mistake

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Where should bath towels be stored?

towel in the bathroom

Towel in the bathroom – Source: spm

The humidity as well as the change in temperature in the bathroom create ideal conditions for bacteria and mold to grow which can deteriorate some of the things in there like towels.

In the bathroom, freshly laundered and dry towels easily pick up moisture because they are made of a material designed to absorb excess water. This is why it must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Remember that fungi and fungi that attack towels not only emit an unpleasant odor, but also affect our health. Besides the fact that we will not get rid of the unpleasant smell, we can change the condition of our skin. Using a moldy towel can exacerbate acne, cause skin irritation, dryness, and even oily hair.

What do you do with a towel after a shower?

If you leave a wet towel in the bathroom after you shower, make sure it doesn’t dry out too quickly. After showering, remember to hang the towels outside, eg in a dryer where they can be dried before being stored in place (outside the bathroom).

How often do you change your towels?

Changing the towel is strictly dependent on the use of the towel. We each use a different frequency. Therefore, when using a bath towel, we take into account the number of baths taken. It is best to wash it after the third bath. Towel change depends on the number of members and guests visiting us. If there are many people living in the house or when friends visit us often, we must change them every day. With a family of three, it is enough to replace them every 2-3 days.

At what temperature should you wash your towels?

wash the towels

Laundry towels – Source: spm

At 40 degrees we will only kill 14% of bacteria and fungi, so it is recommended to wash towels at higher temperatures. On a daily basis, it is enough to wash at 60 degrees, but it can be washed once a month at 90 degrees. Be aware, however, that high temperatures can damage the fabric, discoloring and fluffing it, so you can add detergent to your laundry and set the washing machine temperature to lower temperatures.

So for your health and the health of those around you, it’s best to store towels somewhere other than your bathroom in the same way as other everyday items that can quickly get damaged.

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