Why are there margins in notebooks? It has a very useful unknown function

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That is why there are such vertical lines on the pages of the notebook.

How could writings on notebooks be protected?

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Margins are lines that appear on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the notebook to make writing neat and basically help teachers add notes and notes to students.

They were not originally created to maintain alignment between annotations. Manufacturers began applying margins to stationery to protect artwork. Earlier in history, rats and mice were common residents of many homes, and one of their favorite snacks was paper, among other things.

While the rodents fed on books, pamphlets and newspapers containing valuable information, a solution to this problem had to be found. These tiny rodents love the taste of paper and tend to eat documents, especially around the edges. At the time, margins appeared in notebooks, leaving the edges free, where the most damage was done, and where mice had the most access. So notebook manufacturers had this ingenious idea of ​​adding margins to the edges thus avoiding any pest intrusion. So your notes and information are safe at all times.

Fringe also helped mitigate damage from wear, which is why it was eventually adopted and retained. Thus, people were able to protect all written information.

Why are there special colors for the margins and lines of your notebooks?

Write in a notebook

Writing in a notebook – Source: spm

Color theory shows that the red line draws necessary attention to where the book should stop while the blue lines, less visible, are visible enough to guide writing but not intrusive enough to affect reading.

Other theories suggest that blue streaks do not appear on printer hardware. As a result, all pages appear arranged and only the words appear.

However, the use of the spurious line is decreasing over time. Due to the operation of spiral notebooks and memos, the use of margins gradually decreased.

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