What happens if you charge your mobile phone with another phone charger? Not everyone knows

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Nowadays, we can no longer do without the mobile phone, it is an integral part of our daily life. And the charger is definitely one of the essential accessories we always have on hand. However, sometimes it happens that we forget or misuse it. To avoid running out of the battery, another charger is used. So what happens when our smartphone detects this intruder? Should we expect big changes?

From Yesterday to Today: The Evolution of Smartphone Chargers

Insert the charging cable

Insert the charger cable – Source: spm

Initially, with the advent of smartphones, each brand manufactured its own charger, with a certain type of input (it can be USB or not), voltage and current capacity. Therefore, when a device is shipped with an accessory of another brand, problems can arise.

Today, as you may have already noticed, there is a certain pattern on the charger ports, for example, micro USB, USB and USB Type-C, which is what distinguishes the iPhone.

Most chargers meet a specific voltage standard of around 5V, and this is especially true for Samsung (5V), Motorola (5.1V) and ASUS (5V). As for the amperage (current intensity), it can vary greatly from brand to brand, ranging from 0.7 amperes to 2 amperes.

current equal to or greater

Keep in mind that to charge your mobile phone with another charger, the current must be equal to or greater than the maximum capacity required by the mobile phone. Thus, even when the ampere limit is exceeded, your smartphone will not be in danger, as it will only use what is necessary to recharge its battery.

The situation becomes more complicated when the “foreign” charger has less current than your device normally uses. What are the consequences? Not only will charging be optimal, but it may shorten battery life. Moreover, if you handle the laptop while it is charging, you will easily notice that the battery is not charging properly.

Precautions to take before recharging your mobile phone

charging phones

Charging phones – Source: spm

In conclusion, it is important to remember to try as much as possible to use a charger whose voltage is similar to that of your device. The power of the charger must also be respected and it must be equal to or greater than that of your smartphone.

Another rule to follow: Never use non-original chargers or cables. Although they promise the same numbers as the originals, both in terms of voltage and current, you’ll never guarantee that. Be careful, some of them can seriously damage your mobile phone, or even pose a danger to your safety.

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