What does the “7w7” symbol on WhatsApp mean and why is it used for flirting?

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Emojis are very effective characters to bring our messages to life. Moreover, the word emoticon comes from the amalgamation of the words “emotion” and “icon”. Each symbol has its own meaning. While some represent smiling or sad faces, others can be used for flirting. This is the case for the “7w7” code.

What does “7w7” mean in WhatsApp and why do some people use this symbol?

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The symbol “7w7” has only one meaning. can be used To express two different feelings. In fact, it can be used to represent a sad face. In this case, the horizontal line of the number 7 represents closed eyes, and the diagonal line of this number Represents the flow of tears. w is a grouchy mouth, in displeasure. This may be an innocent-looking expression Another more suggestive meaning, It is used in this case to flirt with the person you are chatting with. In this case, the number “7” acts as eyes looking in a certain direction. maliciously. The “w” is a provocative and bold graphic tongue. This token can then be a way to tell the person that we’d like to invite them somewhere, or mean We are looking for more than just friendship with her.

Note that in addition to “7w7,” other symbols may be used such as “OwO” which means surprise, “twt” which represents a crying face, the symbol “^w^” which translates to joy, or “ùwú” which expresses anger. These emoticons can be used in your WhatsApp conversations, but also on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Emojis and emoticons, what’s the difference?


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Emojis are symbols that add an emotional touch to messages. These are made using keyboard characters, Numbers and letters can be mixed. Emojis have the same purpose as symbols, but instead of forming them, we immediately find these symbols in the circular shape, on our smartphones and our social networks. To use emojis on WhatsApp, simply open the app and select the chat. At the bottom of the screen, on the left side of the text field, you will find, Smiley face icon. Click on it. For iPhones, you’ll find a globe icon instead. After clicking on the respective symbol, you will find a list of emojis which represent different moods, which you can use depending on the message you want to convey. You can even send an emoji on its own. In this case, select it and click on the arrow to the right of the text field to send it.

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Some emojis on WhatsApp give us the possibility to change the color of their skin, If you don’t want to keep yellow. In this case, just tap and hold on the emoji to see the different options available to you, To replace the pre-set emojis.

To avoid getting lost in the long list of emojis that WhatsApp offers, you can simply tap the clock icon To find the emoji you’ve used recently.

However, to make your WhatsApp conversations more lively, don’t skimp on emojis and emoticons. You can create your own expressions, or use the emojis that WhatsApp already offers.

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