These signs will receive bad news by the end of the year: their plans may collapse

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Saturn continues its retrograde in Aquarius until October 23. This movement of the planets will not be without consequences for the signs of the zodiac. It will negatively affect the career of the inhabitants of 3 zodiac signs. In addition, Mars is retrograde in Gemini from October 30 until January 12, 2023. These three astrological signs are likely to end 2022 with difficulty, due to the problems and difficulties they may encounter at work.

What 3 zodiac signs could have bad news by the end of 2022?

A planet’s rebound does not occur without influences on the astrological signs. Some zodiac signs may feel more retroactive than others. Saturn began its retrograde on June 4 and will continue its motion until October 23, in the sign of Aquarius. The second largest planet in the solar system will prompt the inhabitants of these three signs to question their projects and review their solidity. They may find loopholes or encounter problems that slow down their business. Added to this is the retrograde motion of Mars in Gemini, which will begin on October 30 and end on January 12, 2023. This planetary movement will affect the productivity of these zodiac signs. In fact, they will feel more tired than usual and will find it difficult to stay focused. So they risk not finishing their projects, giving up on everything, because they will feel overwhelmed by the difficulties they will face.

  • cancer

Bad cancer news

Cancer – Source: spm

The native of this sign will experience the return of Saturn badly. His emotions will increase and he will struggle To stay focused on their work. This sensitive sign by nature may also encounter obstacles when working on their projects. Then it will be brought to be patient, To find a way out of his difficulties. This water sign may also suffer losses that will upset their balance, and paid him to recalculate. Cancer’s personal life can also be affected by this reduction. In fact, the native of this sign risks to have disputes and Disagreements in his marriage.

  • The scorpion

Scorpio bad news

Scorpio – Source: spm

The return of Saturn will be an opportunity for Scorpio to reflect on its life. He will review his responsibilities, He will arrange his affairs. Changes will be needed at work who will not always be willing. In fact, this planetary transit will prevent Scorpio from being exactly the same, something that will anger him very much. This will affect his productivity at work, and for good reason, Scorpio is an emotional and stubborn sign by nature. He does his best for his projects only when he is excited about what he is doing. The citizen of this sign may feel a loss of interest, which leads him to slow down in work, which may affect its financial resources.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn bad news

Capricorn – Source: spm

The native of this sign finds it difficult to leave his comfort zone. Change frightens him and destabilizes him. This Earth sign has a hard time kicking out their habits. In the coming months, Capricorns will have a hard time finding work directions. New upcoming projects surely fascinate him, But he won’t know how to deal with it. Because of the stress he will feel at work, the native of this sign will feel nervous and even risky to intertwine with its surroundings.

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