Short Hair Styles For Round Face 2022

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You’ve definitely heard the advice and myths that women with round faces shouldn’t wear short hair. This is not true, cropped hairstyles are the most flattering and will suit all face shapes and hair textures.

You can wear short hair regardless of your face shape; You just want to make sure you find the right fit and style. It’s about working with the natural texture of your hair and trying to create a balance in the face.

You want to choose styles that slim and elongate your face, and you can wear bangs too.

Short haircuts for women with a round face.

If you have a round face, your short hair should cover your ears. Any round face looks thinner if the bangs are designed asymmetrically on one side. You can run your fingers through the hair to add vertical lines and make it look sharper.

As you can see, most of the short hairstyles for round faces have rectangular A-line lines. Almost all bobs, pixies, and layered haircuts with a feathery finish feature side bangs that visually lengthen the round face. Take this idea as a basis when styling your short hair for a super cool look.

Cute and fun short hairstyles for round faces
A short hairstyle for a round face should have a nice elevation above the forehead. You can play with texture, incorporate bangs, or experiment with asymmetry, too. The ideas below will certainly be a good source of inspiration.

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