How often should you change your razor blade? Here are the details to pay attention to

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Whether you have one razor or even several, you should definitely suspect that the blades of the latter are not eternal. Therefore, it requires special attention.

How often should you change your razor blade?

Use a razor under water.

Use a razor under water. Source: spm

Whether your razor has one or more blades, it is not uncommon to lose its edges. When this happens, it can cause irritation and a rash on your skin. So it is necessary to Replace Regularly to avoid Such an inconvenience.

Although there are several ways to get rid of hair, shaving remains the most used method for getting rid of it. Therefore, a razor is an essential accessory for hygiene, which can be found in any convenience store. An accessory that accompanies us and sneaks in everywhere, even while showering.

Despite the fact that hair grows much faster after shaving, the appearance of redness is what makes you wonder most of the time. In question are the blades losing efficiency and in such a case we tend to insist pressing the blades for a long time which leads to irritation.

Choose razors in the store

Choose razors in the store. Source: spm

When you buy a pack of disposable razors or interchangeable heads, you should know this The blades should be changed according to the frequency of shaving And the quality of the product used during shaving, especially the foam.

If you use your razor every day, it is important to replace the blades every week. Use two to three times a week requires a change every fifteen or even twenty days. And for people who shave less than twice a week, the blades can be replaced every four to six weeks.

How to care for razors that they DifficultNT for longer?

To maintain your razor blades, here are some simple gestures to follow during each shave:

  • Place the razor blades under the water and let the latter run from the back to the front of the razor to remove hair, residue, and dirt;
  • Shake the razor against the walls of the sink to remove covered hair;
  • pass the blade again under water for greater hygiene;
  • efastzWet places such as the edge of the sink when you want to put the razor away;
  • Place it in a jar or upright in a bowl or glass.

What is the alternative to disposable razors?

If you want to adopt an environmentally responsible and waste-free lifestyle, then it will be necessary to revise some of your old habits.

A French person throws away an average of one kilogram of plastic per week. Single-use plastic products are largely responsible for this problem. Disposable razors are a big part of it.

To do this, there is a simple, effective and inexpensive long-term alternative to consider in order to keep plastic razors out of your bathroom and reduce carbon emissions at the same time: stainless steel razors. It is a classic that is not new but finds a place of choice in the zero waste recommendations, on a daily basis. Resistant, eco-friendly and removable, especially for changing blades, this stainless steel razor is the essential accessory when you want Adopt a lifestyle More environmentally friendly.

Finally, no matter what method you use to remove your hair, avoid dry shaving. For sensitive skin, it is important to use shaving oil, moisturizing shaving gel, lotion, or aftershave lotion with aloe vera, coconut oil, or shea butter to soothe the skin.

Remember that your skin needs a good scrub every now and then to exfoliate the pores and loosen up the ingrown hairs.

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