Aluminum foil and salt: the perfect solution to a problem we all face!

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This is an effective trick that will save you from one of the most common household problems: maintaining your silverware. How ? Let’s see it up close!

Aluminum foil and salt: Tip for cleaning silverware

aluminum kitchen

Aluminum Kitchen – Source: spm

You will have understood: aluminum foil remains a necessity in all homes. This product is mainly used in the kitchen, and can be used for food packaging and preservation. However, aluminum foil has other, lesser known advantages! By mixing it with salt, you can solve a fairly common household problem.

Silver jewelry or objects tend to tarnish over time due to the oxidation of the metal. With some aluminum foilWith two tablespoons of coarse salt, a handful of baking soda and hot water, it’s easy to return this mineral to its full shine. Start by lining the container with aluminum foil (glossy side up). Then add all the ingredients and mix.

Then put the silver stuff in this mixture and close the aluminum foil to wrap the container. Leave it on for 30 minutes. This way, a chemical reaction takes place that transfers the stains from your silverware to the aluminum foil. Your items will be like new again!

Of course, before putting it back in place, it should be rinsed and dried with a soft cloth. There you go, wait no longer to spruce up the silvery things you cherish so much!

clean silver jewelry

Clean Silver Jewelry – Source: spm

Other everyday aluminum foil tricks

Due to aluminum’s lightness, adaptability, and manufacturing cost, it plays a vital role in our lives. Learn how to use aluminum foil every day!

The trick to cleaning the oven grill with aluminum foil

aluminum foil ball

aluminum foil ball – source: spm

Roll a ball of aluminum foil and scrub the grill. Then run it under soapy water and rub it again to remove excess dirt and grease. Rinse and then dry it.

Aluminum foil trick to scare away birds

Have you planted a fruit tree and are you afraid of birds destroying your fruit? Just hang aluminum foil on your tree to scare them away. The noise as well as the reflections from the aluminum foil definitely keeps them away.

As you understand, aluminum foil is an excellent way to make your daily life easier. To try to adopt it!

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