Why do we have to start sleeping naked? Many unexpected benefits

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What are the benefits of sleeping naked in bed?

While we often think that you should wear pajamas before bed, you should change your habits by discovering the benefits of this practice for your body. enjoy Many benefits For your health, sleep in the simplest device.

Sleeping naked in bed helps prevent infections

Sleeping without pajamas

Sleeping without pajamas – Source: spm

For Ms. Le Figaro, infectious disease specialist Jean-Marc Bohbot explains that the genitals should be allowed to breathe. According to the expert, you should avoid wearing panties while sleeping at night, due to the irritation that can result from rubbing the cloth against the genitals. The doctor also warns of the dangers of synthetic underwear that retains moisture. This can lead to the development of fungi. For an infection doctor, it is advisable to free your body of any tissue, this can only have benefits for the body.

Sleeping naked in bed helps sleep

Sleeping naked has the effect of lowering body temperature and improving sleep quality. So, by putting away the pajamas You will drift into a restful sleep. It is also recommended to avoid sleeping in a room with a high temperature. On the other hand, it stimulates good sleep cell regeneration Which improves the quality of skin and hair. When you sleep naked, your body temperature decreases and the natural secretion of melatonin, a hormone with anti-aging properties, is activated. In addition, sleeping naked can be environmentally friendly as you will use less detergent and water to clean your pajamas.

Sleeping naked in bed is good for sexual desire

While sleeping naked can provide many health benefits, it can also be beneficial for a married couple. And for good reason, and as reported by The Independent, a survey of British people, 57% of people who shared this habit They described themselves as “extremely happy,” compared to 48% of those who preferred to get dressed before bed.

Sleeping naked in bed is a good habit for male fertility

According to a study of 656 men, those who wear boxers, which are looser than other underwear, produce more sperm. And for good reason, high temperatures in the scrotum It can affect fertility. A compelling argument for immersing yourself in the arms of Morpheus in the simplest device.

sleep naked

Sleeping naked – Source: spm

Sleeping naked is not just a way to beat the heat. The many scientifically proven benefits invite you to ditch your pajamas when snuggling the sheets! After discovering all these benefits, you should change your bedtime habits.

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