The trick to leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing

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Leaving a WhatsApp group is a real ordeal that some people avoid for fear of being singled out. That wouldn’t be the case now, thanks to this ingenious trick.

How do you leave a WhatsApp group conversation quietly?

Every day, you find yourself bombarded with WhatsApp notifications and messages that, to put it mildly, either don’t worry you or require a response from you. A situation you have been in since you were invited to join a chat group on WhatsApp and since then you have been looking for an escape. Let’s say it frankly, you want to leave this discussion group without needing to justify yourself and even better, unnoticed. Therefore, your desire to opt out is fully appreciated. But now, by deciding to leave the group, all the other members who make up it will be Notified with the following notification: “xxx has left the group”. This may take a gloomy view of your departure or misinterpret it completely. A situation you absolutely want to avoid. Although there is no official way to secretly leave a WhatsApp group, there are some tips that are equally effective, without the need to provide an explanation that justifies your leaving.

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Receive a WhatsApp notification – Source: spm

Disable notifications while archiving a group chat

Here is a simple but very effective trick Stop receiving messages without having to “officially” leave the discussion group And someone notices. At first, go to WhatsApp and open the group chat. At the top right, you will see three vertically aligned dots, tap on it. A drop-down menu will appear, on which “Notifications in silent mode” will appear, clicking on it will open the “Notifications in silent mode for …” dialog box, select “Always”, then confirm your choice by clicking OK. You will no longer be able to receive notifications from this group, although they will still appear in your main thread. And so that it does not appear again in the Chats tab of WhatsApp, just long press on the discussion group and click on the Archive button that is embodied by a box pointing to a down arrow. This way, you will not only receive notifications from the discussion group, but the latter will also not appear in your discussion thread, for your ultimate pleasure.

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There are no WhatsApp notifications. Source: spm

Change your name and profile picture before leaving the group

Another smarter way to leave a WhatsApp discussion group can be thought of, especially if the latter brings together multiple people. To do this, you just need to Change your name and profile picture before leaving the groupAs naturally as possible. Go to WhatsApp Messenger and tap on the three dots in the right corner of the screen, then choose “Settings”. You can then change your photo and profile name. Once you make the changes, open the group chat and click again, on the three vertically aligned dots, select “More” and then “Leave the group”. This way you can leave the group permanently without displaying your real name.

These tricks will let you surreptitiously leave a group chat without knowing it. Recognizing this issue, WhatsApp is currently developing an official way to leave chat groups in a more discreet manner where only the group admin will be notified of your potential departure.

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