The next 40 days will be difficult for these four signs of the zodiac: a dark period is coming

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Saturn will have a negative impact on these zodiac signs which will have a very complicated week. They will find it difficult to achieve their goals and can let Saturn defeat them.

What Zodiac Signs Would Not Be Happy During Saturn’s Retrograde in September?

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Until October 23, 2022 it will invite the signs of the zodiac to question everything. They are likely to doubt their goals and future plans. For these back to school in September signs of the zodiac He will begin to introspect Which will allow them to find new ideas. When Saturn is retrograde, zodiac signs are encouraged to review their patterns and base their plans. this period of time It can help them to mature And take the time to slow down.



Pisces. Source: spm

Representatives of the signs of Pisces will face a difficult week and unexpected events. Pisces will find it difficult to follow their routine in the evening and in the morning. The inhabitants of this watermark will not reach anymore to take care of them During Saturn’s retrograde this week in September. They will be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and express their feelings. This week can be very difficult for Pisces They are more likely to withdraw into themselves. After an eventful summer, Pisces wants to find calm and serenity. they can Experience the tensions at work with a few colleagues. This situation can make them sad and unhappy. They must learn to accept their feelings and feel vulnerable.

the Bull


Taurus. Source: spm

Taurus will have a tough week with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Tiredness and stress will affect the natives of this Earth sign who will have to take care of them during this week. This reduction in energy has repercussions on both a professional and a personal level. With their life partner, Taurus residents should keep calm and establish good dialogue and communication to get the winners out of this situation.

Find out which other two signs of the zodiac you will be dissatisfied with are Saturn retrograde

These zodiac signs will be sad and moody during this Saturn retrograde in September. They will be unhappy during this time of year.



Aquarius. Source: spm

Aquarius is very free and very extroverted by nature, but with Saturn retrograde in their sign, they will struggle during this week of September. they will feel More suspicious than usual and misunderstood. Representatives of this air sign will be very nervous and very anxious during this difficult period. On a professional level, the work will not work as they like and they will be disappointed. They will not be satisfied with the latest results obtained and will have to lower their expectations. Disappointments will multiply and Fears will take an important place in their lives. They will feel gloomy and sad and will have to make an assessment in order to move forward with the upcoming new projects.



Sagittarius. Source: spm

Sagittarius will learn how to manage their emotions during this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. In fact, the inhabitants of this fire sign are accustomed to losing their temper very easily and allowing themselves to push them with their impulsiveness. With this backtracking, They will take longer for themselves and realize more than they matureThey need to manage their emotions better. They will meet people who will hurt them and will have to discipline themselves to overcome these bad experiences. This week will be very complicated because they will accumulate unpleasant experiences but will have to keep their heads up despite some tensions.

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