Lost or stolen phone? The cool trick to locate him in 30 seconds

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It’s a very sad day, you can’t get your hands on your smartphone. Theft or loss? You are forgotten. In any case and as a security measure, here are some measures that you should take to prevent its use.

What do you do if your smartphone is stolen or lost?

A lost or stolen mobile phone is a big problem no matter it is used, personally or professionally. Especially if it is a recent purchase or if it contains documents of paramount importance. Moreover, your biggest fear is that your data, be it photos, videos, or even contacts, will fall into the hands of malicious or even ill-intentioned people. A situation that can cause anxiety and can disturb your mind, at a time when you have to keep your calm. Fortunately, today most, if not all, Smartphones are equipped with features that prevent access to your private dataIn the event of loss or theft.

Attempting to steal a smartphone

Attempted smartphone theft – Source: spm

Block your smartphone in case of theft or loss

In case of loss or theft, the first thing to think about: block your mobile phone as soon as possible. To achieve this, you have to You must turn on the phone and activate your phone’s location beforehand. Depending on the operating system, the procedure will be different.

For owners of Android smartphones, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Android Device Managers” app;
  • Access your account by entering your username and password;
  • select “Manage your Google Account”;
  • Go to the “Security” tab and then in the “Your devices” section, click “Find a lost device”;
  • Select the device you want to search for;
  • Choose “Location”;

You can then either lock your phone or erase the data on it.

For iOS smartphones, such as iPhones, you should consider Back up your data to iCloud beforehand, and activate the location function To be able to respond in time, in case of loss or theft. You can then take the following steps:

  • Go to or use the “Find from other iPhone” app;
  • Once you locate it, select your device to view its location.

Thus, you will have the option of ringing the phone as well as activating the “Mark as missing” mode, which will immediately block the phone.

Locate your smartphone in case of theft or loss

Whether you’ve misplaced your smartphone or been a victim of theft, it will always be possible to locate it, from a computer in particular. To do this, you have The Android mobile phone must be linked to the activated Google account, access to the Internet connection and the function of locating your smartphone, activated. Then just follow these steps:

  • Go to:;
  • Sign in with your Google ID;
  • select the device in question;
  • You will then be able to locate your device on the map.

On the contrary, if you have an iPhone, it will be possible to locate your device through Sign in from a computer to your iCloud account. To achieve this:

  • Go to and sign in with your Apple ID;
  • Click “Select Location”;
  • Choose the lost device from the drop-down list;
  • Your iPhone will be located and display its position on a map.
Locate a smartphone

Website location on smartphone – Source: spm

Note that it is highly recommended that you pass the IMEI number of your mobile phone to your carrier so that they can in turn find or block your phone, in case it is stolen or lost. This number can usually be found on the phone case, under the phone battery, or in the phone’s settings. Also remember to file a complaint, by reporting the IMEI number to the police or by submitting an online declaration, as soon as possible.

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