From cling film to freezer: everyone does it, and the reason is incredible

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Usually, it finds its place in a drawer or on a closet shelf, near aluminum foil or buttercream. Except that, to use it in better conditions, there is another, more convenient place that will greatly facilitate your task: the freezer. We explain why.

Why is wrapping paper stored in the freezer?

Use wrapping paper

Using wrapping paper – Source: spm

The adhesive sleeve is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene. These are materials that tend to stick to anything when cut. Not to mention that many brands add an adhesive to the film to increase its adhesion. However, this type of adhesive performs poorly when temperatures are extremely cold. Thus, it will temporarily lose its stickiness if you put it in the freezer.

In fact, due to the lower temperature, the effect of static attraction and the effect of the adhesive will be reduced, which makes the use of the adhesive film much easier. Cold air avoids its very viscous effect, as its molecular structure changes for a while. This will be very helpful for you to handle it more easily and without inconvenience.

How long can you stay there?

Chefs used to apply this great trick before they used wrapping paper to wrap food more easily. What exactly does it consist of? Just put it in the freezer. And for this, 10-15 minutes of cold storage is enough. Once released, the film regains its seal in about a minute and is more flexible to seal food properly.

Frozen foods:

Rolls of cling film

Rolls Packaging – Source: spm

Therefore, placing the stretch film in the freezer is a secret that few people know. As a bonus, know that lower temperatures do not affect their chemical composition. Moreover, to prevent foods (purchased or prepared at home) from freezing too hard and to facilitate defrosting, it is advisable to wrap them in two or even three layers of wrapping paper. Knowing precisely that food plastic bought from the market is very thin and does not protect products well.

be careful : It is always essential to seal your food properly. Remember that they can quickly become contaminated with bacteria and that improper storage can cause food poisoning. Highly flexible and protective, the transparent film prevents air, light and moisture from penetrating your products. This prevents food from drying out and developing germs.

good to know To avoid wasting your packaging film, use the sides of the box it’s stored in to cut and split to completely cover the edges of your storage or food containers. For better storage, remember to apply at least two layers of stretch film.

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