faded clothes? Here’s how to restore it to its original color, whatever the color is

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You often think it is necessary to use traditional products to revive the whites of your shirt or restore your black pants, but you are wrong! Laundry products flaunted on supermarket shelves are often advertised as effective at reviving color. However, many natural tips can give a second life to your dull and faded clothes due to many washes. Follow the guide.

The most effective way to restore the color of dull clothes

Seeing his clothes disfigured is never nice. Then we move on to natural tricks to give them a youthful look. Natural and ecological products are all ways to preserve the softness of the fibers as well as the color of the linen.

  • Baking soda to revive clothes colors

White powder, which has become the star of household cleaning products, is just as effective at caring for your laundry. Sodium bicarbonate He has the merit of reviving the yellowish whiteness of the dress, as well as the colors of clothes that have become faded and faded. So :

  • Pour into a basin, a liter of hot water
  • Add a cup of baking soda
  • Soak your dull clothes and let them act for a few minutes
  • Put in the washing machine drum and wash as usual.

Repeat the process as many times as possible for best results.

wash white clothes

Washing white clothes – Source: spm

  • Tricks to revive the whiteness of faded clothes

For a white dress that has turned gray, there are several solutions available for you.

Washing clothes with lemon

Washing clothes with lemon – Source: spm

  • Lemon is an unstoppable remedy Soak white linen in a basin of hot water, pouring lemon juice into it. Then put your clothes in the washing machine for a classic wash.
  • Baking powder, an unexpected trick : It has the ability to whiten linen and add luster. For this, pour the bag of yeast into the detergent drawer and you will get a guaranteed result.
  • Hydrogen peroxide for yellowish white clothes : It is the miracle product that will help you. To do this, pour a little hydrogen peroxide into the laundry by selecting a program at 60 degrees. Beware of fragile items that do not support washing at a temperature of more than 30 or 40 degrees.

Reviving the color of black clothes

wash black clothes

Washing black clothes – Source: spm

black is black and It couldn’t be otherwise ! To revive this color lost due to frequent washing, it is necessary first of all to avoid high temperatures above 30 degrees. It is recommended to use cold water as well as a short wash. Not to mention that black clothes should be washed inside out, avoided in the dryer, and dried in the sun.

Then, there are several possible options to liven up your faded black outfit.

spinach : If you think it’s only good to taste, you’re wrong! Soak your black or dark clothing in the spinach cooking water and let it steep for a few minutes to restore its previous color. Rinse it with water and enjoy the result!

coffee There is nothing better than coffee to repair or revive blackness. Pour a cup into the softener compartment of the washing machine and run the wash cycle.

Tips for flawless clothes after washing

Avoid mixing colors

Avoid mixing colors – Source: spm

Despite the good care you take with your clothes, some rules are often overlooked:

  • Avoid mixing colors in the washing machine. For practicality or to save time, you tend to put everything in the drum and have your clothes mixed without color discrimination, causing them to lose their original color. It is advisable to make separate machines for black, white and other colors. They will retain all their luster. If you forgot, feel free to put a color protection paper on to avoid fading.
  • Avoid overfilling the drum until washing and rinsing are improved.

By following these tips, you are now ready to preserve your laundry and revive its colors!

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