Can you find the three owls hiding among the students? Only the smartest can do it

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Oftentimes, viral visual challenges wreak havoc on social networks. This great success can be explained by the enthusiasm of millions of Internet users who are happy to be surprised by many wonderful optical illusions. This exercise is especially useful for testing visual acuity and brain functioning in a fun and stimulating way.

visual challenge photo

visual challenge

Visual Challenge – Source: spm

Now is the time to test your mental skill. Warning: You will only have 10 seconds to find these three little animals.

The photo shows dozens of students huddled together. But if you observe carefully, you will be able to solve the mystery by spotting the owls. Don’t get caught up in the other little animals hiding there.
Since the test is rather complicated, we recommend that you sit in a discreet corner, without noise or distractions. To succeed in this challenge, you must focus completely to the max. Good luck to you!

solve the puzzle

In absolute terms, these challenges require a lot of time and patience to solve. But, as you know, cool-down periods are often imposed. And against all odds, although this rarely happens, some “geniuses” managed to solve the puzzle in record time.

If this is your case, we congratulate you for accepting the challenge in such a short period of time. The exercise was far from easy! If this puzzle makes you sweat and you don’t find the answer quickly, that’s okay. You will definitely do better next time. We highly encourage you to keep testing yourself with this type of challenge and even practice with your friends to spur your competitive spirit.

For the less fortunate, if you give the cat your tongue directly, and those owls seem untraceable, the solution is below.

Visual challenge solving

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

What is a visual challenge?

Undoubtedly, there is no better pastime than a good visual challenge that sharpens your mind and enhances better visual agility, while having fun alone or with friends.

In fact, the visual challenge is a perfect entertainment option to fill your spare time. The possibilities are endless as they come in different forms. It usually prompts you to search for people, animals, things, or even numbers in a visual medium. Some challenges have time limits, others don’t. Despite the slight differences, they are usually called visual tests, visual or logical puzzles, brain games …

When it comes to an intellectual challenge, you are dealing with a series of activities that focus on different topics such as mathematics, puzzles, the differences between objects, etc. Its purpose is to get your attention to solve the puzzle in a fun way, while applying basic knowledge gained at some point in your life.

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