Why is it not recommended to remove stickers from your laptop?

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Why are these stickers on my laptop?

laptop stickers

laptop stickers – source: spm

Maybe you are thinking of buying a laptop or maybe you are loyal to the computer that has accompanied your daily life for a few years? If so, you’ve probably noticed a series of stickers placed on the case next to the keyboard. Regardless of the manufacturer (ACER, ASUS, HP or DELL), it is common to find them on these devices, with a few exceptions. Because they are small and secretive, they often go unnoticed. But some people cannot ignore it and prefer to remove it.

But, by the way, why are they there exactly? No, it’s not about beautifying your device with these colorful stickers. The reason why your laptop has these stickers is mainly due to advertising agreements between manufacturers and brands. Concretely, manufacturers advertise Intel or AMD, in exchange for discounts and their share of PC marketing and advertising costs. Not to mention that the end user is always more assured of finding the badge indicating the CPU (microprocessor) or GPU (graphics processor) of a high-end brand. but that is not all. These labels also provide quick and useful information on the type of parts used.

Why is it useful to keep these stickers?

Remove stickers from laptop

remove stickers from laptop – source: spm

As detailed in Stealth Settings, a portal that specializes in technology, these stickers allow the user to specify, without having to turn on the computer, what type of processor it has, video card or even what operating system the device is.

However, many people choose to remove them from their laptops for various reasons. Especially after several years of use, because it can peel off on its own, causing unpleasant friction with the hands.

Certainly, in absolute terms, it does not prevent taking it off, because you will not lose the warranty. However, we do not advise you to do this, as it can play an important role, especially at the time of potential resale. In fact, if you want to resell your device at a good price, by revealing these stickers on the online advertising site, it will likely increase the value of your laptop.

Also, be aware that some stickers may even contain a QR code that, once scanned by your smartphone, will take you directly to your laptop manufacturer’s support page. Therefore, you will easily be able to gather more information and look at the warranty and other interesting data.

NB : The only laptops that usually do not have these stickers are those developed by the US company Apple. If you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, you won’t find any stickers attached to the case.

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