Why do we put salt on the mop before cleaning the floor? Magic trick that makes life easier

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Your mop and mop are your everyday allies. It is therefore essential to keep it completely clean and free of germs and bacteria. Discover a key ingredient for disinfecting and sterilizing them.

Household cleaning ally salt

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Salt – Source: spm

Instead of resorting to traditional cleaners full of chemicals, know that there are many ecological and economical products, with degreasing power, the use of which allows for a deep, effective and fast cleaning of floors. White vinegar, baking soda, Marseille soap or even black soap make it possible to wash the floor and the rest of the soiled surfaces without scratching them. Microfiber fabrics also allow for gentle washing of stubborn stains and food residue.

But do you know the different uses of salt in house cleaning and maintenance? In addition to its ability to flavor food, this natural resource, which is cheap, ubiquitous and available in bulk, should be part of your cleaning kit. It is an ally of an ecological, economical and eco-friendly family.

Washing the floor with salt has benefits such as removing stains and removing odors from the environment. If you have children or pets, the salt will sanitize your surfaces and remove unpleasant odors that cats or dogs spread throughout the house. In addition, salt helps eliminate germs and dust for a healthy atmosphere in your home.

Salt in a bucket to clean the mop

floor cleaning

Floor cleaning – Source: spm

When it comes to cleaning, salt is an asset that shouldn’t be overlooked. It kills germs and bacteria and can be poured into a bucket of water or sprayed directly onto the microfiber cloth or mop. To do this, after washing the mop with dishwashing liquid and rinsing it with clear water, soak it in a bucket filled with a liter of hot water, adding 3 tablespoons of salt. Leave it to act for about an hour. The salt will take care of the bacteria you’ve collected and leave it perfectly clean. Then rinse the mop and let it air dry.

Salt for cleaning household surfaces

In addition to its ability to clean and disinfect a mop, salt can disinfect all surfaces in the home, especially for cleaning the floor. Thanks to its small crystals, it can remove stains, remove rust, especially by mixing it with vinegar or even remove stains from furniture if combined with olive oil.

As you understand, salt has more than one trick to make your daily life easier. On the other hand, put salt in your life and less on your plates.

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