Whatsapp: The Secret Trick To Read All Your Messages Without Appearing Online

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WhatsApp is a communication application that allows us to send instant messages to our contacts, but also to receive them. Only downside: WhatsApp always informs the recipient that we’ve read their message with two blue checkmarks next to the message. Be aware, however, that it is possible to read a WhatsApp message discreetly, without opening the app, and without logging in.

How do you read a WhatsApp message discreetly?

To read a message without seeing you, and even without opening the app, there are two tips available to you.

Message received on WhatsApp

Message received on WhatsApp – Source: spm

  • Use the WhatsApp tool to read messages

To do this, go to the home screen of your phone and tap on an empty space. Hold your finger down for a few seconds, To see the “Widget” option appears. Click on it and search for WhatsApp. Click on this widget, making sure to choose the “WhatsApp 4 x 2” format. Thus, you can add a widget to the home screen Which gives you an overview of your last messages received. Every time you receive a message, you will see it displayed in the sidebar of this tool, Without having to open your WhatsApp application. Note that you can resize the widget, and maximize it to display as many messages as possible. To do this, just hold down the tool for a few seconds and change its dimensions. Note that this trick is only available on Android phones.

  • Read WhatsApp messages using the notification bar

when you receive a message, It is displayed in the notification panel. Just pull down the notification bar at the top so you can read the message without opening the app.

For this trick to work, it is important to activate first whatsapp notifications, in your phone settings. For iPhones, open your phone’s Settings and tap Notifications. Next, scroll down in the list of apps and tap on WhatsApp. You will just have to check that the “Allow notifications” option is enabled. For Android phones, go to Settings and select Notifications and Status Bar. Then click on “Manage notifications” and find WhatsApp in the list of applications that appear in front of you. Then check if the Notification Permission option is activated.

WhatsApp chat

Read a message – Source: spm

In addition to these tricks, it is also possible to open the WhatsApp application to read a message, without the two check marks turning blue. It is enough to disable Read confirmation in the application settings. To do this, open your app and tap on the three vertical dots on the top right of the screen. Click on “Settings”, then on “My Account”. Next, select the “Privacy” option, and scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the “Read receipts” option. You just have to deselect it To read your messages discreetly. Note that by disabling this option, you won’t be able to tell if your message has been read or not. Even if the recipient reads your message, Both check marks will remain gray.

With these tips, you can read your WhatsApp messages discreetly without being betrayed by the two blue read receipt checkmarks.

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