They just turned 5 years old. This is what twins look like today with different skin colors

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These two kids are now 5 years old and have become social media stars at the age of seven months. Find out what twin sisters look like, not all twins today.

Who are these twins with different skin color?

twin children

The two twin children. Source: spm

These two kids caused a stir on social media after their mom posted pictures of them on Instagram. Isabella and Gabriella Shipley are twins who aren’t exactly identical. From the age of seven months, their mother posted pictures of them on social media. The two sisters did not fail to elicit reactionsweb users who were fascinated by the beauty of girls. Even if they don’t have the same skin tone, they still have an amazing similarity. The twins’ mother says she has received a lot of love from netizens although few focus on the fact that the two girls don’t have the same skin. In fact, Gabriella has a much darker complexion than her big black-eyed sister. Whereas Isabella has a much lighter complexion with large grayish green eyes. The character of the two girls also distinguishes them a lot. Isabella has a quieter personality than her sister who was already very active from the first months of her birth according to her mother. However, the mother, Clementine, does not hesitate to explain that gray eyes run in her family. This is why their older sister, Angelina, also has eyes of this color.

Netizens are fascinated by the twin babies of different skin tones

5 years old

5 year old girls. Source: spm

Their mother, Clementina Shipley, decided to do it Share photos of themselves on networks When they were barely six months old. publish Pictures from their daily life With twins Gabriella and Isabella and older sister Angelina. The account has nearly 70,000 followers. for 5The tenth On her birthday, Clementina decided to share photos of her daughters and they grew up well. Twins are not always separated, and even if the difference in complexion is less noticeable, they are always very unique in common. Unfortunately, in an interview with Essence magazine, Clementina also shared that she’s been getting some negative messages asking if Gabrielle is as likable as Isabel because of her dark skin.

How can twins be born with a different skin color?

Giving birth to twins with a different skin color is an example of the complexity of genetics. For parents with a different skin tone, there is a 1 in 500 chance that their twin babies will be born with a different skin tone, but in the case of Gabriella and Isabel, both parents are of African descent and have the same skin tone. Sometimes the rules of genetics are unfathomable as was the case in London where two black parents of Nigerian descent gave birth to a baby with white skin and blond hair. However, the parents are not mixed-race and as far as they know, they have no white ancestors in their families.

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