Put a bowl of salt in the car: many motorists do this, this solves an important problem

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No need to throw out jars of table salt, fine salt, or coarse salt that have been sitting in the cupboard for a long time. This component, with its many properties, may be the solution to a common car problem. Then put a small amount of this versatile agent inside the vehicle to take advantage of one of its many properties.

Why do we put a cup of salt in the car?

In winter, mechanics are often called by motorists. Due to low temperatures, malfunctions are recorded in the engine, battery and other basic components of the car. The interior of the car as well as all its glass surfaces are affected by an annoying and even dangerous problem.

  • Salt removes moisture from the air inside the car


Salt – Source: spm

In the winter, it is not uncommon to see moisture settling inside the car. In addition to being annoying to drivers and passengers, this phenomenon can degrade vehicle components and lead to mold over time. To overcome it, it is then necessary to put a little salt inside the car. This effective and inexpensive ingredient will Getting rid of excess moisture in the air and thus reducing condensation on the car windows. Then place a cup full of salt in the car cup holder or create an air dehumidifier. To do this, pour salt and charcoal into a plastic container and cover it with a sock, then put it under the seat or near the ventilation holes in the car.

Other Tips for Dehumidifying the Car

In addition to salt, which has real absorbing capacity, other tips can be adopted to effectively remove vehicle moisture. Particular attention should be paid to the tightness of the car and the passenger compartment: seals, carpets, etc. Ingredients that can be a real breeding ground for mold.

  • Put the newspaper in the car

In order to absorb the moisture present in the car, newspaper paper can be used. So, Drop a few pages on the floor of the entire car, including On the front and back mats. Towels or sunshades should be avoided on the seats, which can trap moisture.

  • Ventilate the car regularly

Another method of vacuuming the moist air is to ventilate the car regularly. This can be done when the car is moving or even stationary by opening the windows or turning on the ventilation for a few minutes. When the humidity persists, it is possible to use an air purifier if you have one.

  • Use silica gel and cat litter in the car

Silica gel

Silica gel. Source: spm

Silica gel, this small bag of granules also helps prevent moisture from appearing in the car. So, Simply fill a cloth bag with silica gel, seal it and place it on the dashboard. Cat litter, with its absorbency, can also be used in place of this product to compensate for the presence of moisture in the car.

Several solutions are available to you to prevent moisture from settling in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Do not forget to regularly check the condition of the window seals, which may be the main cause of fogging. It is also recommended to regularly clean the windshield with a microfiber cloth dipped in 90-degree alcohol.

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