Life is good for these three zodiac signs: luck is finally here!

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Mercury’s retrograde, from September 9 to October 2, in Libra, will be suitable for residents of the 3 signs of the zodiac. Unlike other astrological signs, they won’t be bothered by this planetary transit. They may even go through a period of luck and prosperity.

What zodiac signs will be lucky during Mercury retrograde?

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, goes retrograde three to four times a year. On the 9th of September this year, the planet that rules Gemini is retrograde for the third time in 2022. It will start its retrograde in Libra, and then continue its motion in Virgo. 3 zodiac signs will be especially lucky during this period.

  • the Bull


Taurus – Source: spm

Mercury energy favors Taurus affairs. Take down this planet’s rank of mind This earth sign increases creativity. The inspiration will be there and he will be able to resume work on an old project he had trouble managing. This period will also allow the natives of this sign to do some meditation and review their routine. worried about his safety, He decided to slow down a bit at work. Taurus may also decide to give up tasks that do not suit him. or that hinder their professional development. The native of this brand will make sure to remain productive, But without neglecting his personal well-being.

  • cancer

Cancer Surprise

Cancer – Source: spm

The native of this sign will be well in his sneakers for the next few days. Mercury retrograde Illuminate his home for the family. This will be an opportunity for him to bury the hatchet and put an end to past conflicts. Family relationships will be stronger. This period will also be an opportunity for this water sign to work on itself. And review the way he communicates with others. This sign is emotional by nature and on edge, can learn to channel their emotions, and be less impulsive when he expresses himself.

  • Balance

surprise balances

Libra – Source: spm

Mercury retrograde allows Libra to pay more attention to their position, and his relationships with others. This awareness will help this social sign of nature to develop a network of professional contacts that will help him in his career. The financial situation of a citizen of this sign will also define good days. Although some payment delays he may encounter, His patience will pay off in the end. An unexpected good cash flow awaits this Air sign in the coming days.

How to live better Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde will last 3 weeks. During this period, it is recommended Don’t make important decisions in a hurry Or just on a whim. Instead of taking new actions or setting new goals, it would be wiser, To improve what has already been started. You can take this opportunity to finish your to-do list, or complete the remaining tasks. Above all, take the time to think before you act, and feel free to slow down with action. This period is also an opportunity to give up And accept what you cannot control.

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