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Leaving your phone’s Bluetooth on can be dangerous: Here’s why

To save time, many users keep their bluetooth constantly turned on in their cell phones. A gesture they think is harmless and harmless. However, experts recommend not to do this. but why ?

Bluetooth doesn’t just have advantages!

Activate bluetooth – Source: spm

All smartphones, be it Android or iPhone, are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This is actually very convenient, as this technology allows users to connect their mobile phones to other devices such as wireless headphones, speakers, connected watches, etc. By default, Bluetooth is disabled in your smartphone. But as soon as it is activated, your mobile phone starts searching for other devices for interconnection. It usually takes a few seconds, but sometimes it takes longer for some devices to be recognized. The problem is that most people tend to leave it on all the time, either on purpose or out of forgetfulness.

However, there are many reasons why you can get in the habit of turning off Bluetooth more often.

The main reason is that it is responsible for the rapid discharge of the battery of your mobile phone: its autonomy will be significantly reduced. As long as it is activated, you will always receive information and notifications on your mobile phone. And that, even though you don’t use it directly, is the same way you use Wi-Fi, for example. On the contrary, when you turn off Bluetooth, you save your battery.

There is another fact that should not be overlooked: when Bluetooth is open, it can accidentally connect to another device that is completely foreign to you. Likewise, if it is disabled, no other device will be able to send a request.

And what if it was a fertile ground for hackers to enter?

Use bluetooth headphones – Source: spm

We come to another major flaw. Have you ever thought about the fact that cybercriminals might use your carelessness to access your mobile data? Nothing would be easier for hackers than using Bluetooth to break into your device and get hold of your personal information, especially passwords of financial apps. It should be noted that the most sensitive users are those who own an older model of smartphone, knowing that the more recent versions are equipped with powerful Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 (where your authorization is necessary for any interconnection).

In addition, you should know that Bluetooth transmits data continuously without interference. In fact, the system shares a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) ​​that allows communication with other devices. Unfortunately, if a hacker can decrypt this ID, they can find out where your device is.

Therefore it is advisable to control the wireless connections and, in the case of Bluetooth, do not leave them constantly open. So try to have a reaction to activate it only when you really need it, especially to connect it to headphones, car dashboard or any other device.

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