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Remember summer vacation when we used to revisit our roots? We go back to our grandparents’ place where every tantrum turns into smiles and every meltdown leads to hugs. The love, care and affection they showered us with was worth every goodbye with tearful eyes, when it was time to go home. What about the long after-school calls you had with your grandparents, when you wanted to share an entire day with them? Today is a tribute to all those grandparents who made our childhood carefree and unforgettable.

This is our chance to recognize and celebrate them. But we also care about their well-being and health, just as they did about us. So, even if you stay away, how do you pay attention to their mental and physical health?

stay connected

As we know, aging is known as second childhood, in which a child and an adult may develop some similarities. While dependency can be one of them, another undeniable symptom of living alone can be the desire to talk. So, call them and share your day with them like you did when you were little. Listen to the same old tales they love to tell and gather some wisdom that will keep you inspired. You may also plan to visit them or take them home. It will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Show help

You know it’s hard to keep up with this fast-paced world. When everything is constantly changing, it becomes difficult for them to manage. Give them the support they need and help them figure out some work that you can complete easily or with the click of a button. In the meantime, you spend time and also encourage them to learn about the technology that will give them access.

Read healthy eating

As conscious people, we know the benefits of health and clean eating. Although we firmly believe that our grandparents are the biggest advocates of this saying, we feel that a little guidance might help. They certainly know how to eat healthy, but being alerted on how to reap the maximum health benefits with the same diet they follow will make all the difference. Professional help from a nutritionist will enhance their health in the long run.

Plan for regular health check-ups

We certainly know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but we forget that only regular medical examinations can guarantee our well-being. As elderly citizens, your grandparents need proper care and nursing. Besides, routine checkups with a doctor are a must. These days, take advantage of scheduling health checks for seniors at home and keep a tab on their health.

Befriend technology

Technology can be a blessing if you’re trying to take care of your grandparents but share a long-term relationship with them. Cameras, motion sensors, and smart home devices are your best friend. It helps them perform their daily tasks and keeps you informed of their health. It also provides them with a sense of security. You can also offer them fitness watches that keep them physically healthy, and alert them of any irregularities.

Caring for the elderly can be stressful, especially if they are there for you and take care of you. Offer some help, gather resources, and make the most of technology to keep your grandparents fit and healthy. We at HealthifyMe, trying to create an active environment for everyone, have launched the HealthifyPro game. The smartest solution that comprehensively eliminates your health concerns. Bring 360-degree guidance into your grandparents’ lives with Pro. Empower them to be the change in their lives.

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