Can you find the error that hides in the picture? You have 7 seconds

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visual test

Visual test – Source: spm

Do you find the error in this picture?

In this picture you can see a child reading a book, and his cat sitting in front of him on the carpet. There is also a library full of books, a clock behind the little one, and plants everywhere.

But in this photo, a bug crept in. Your goal specifically is to find it. Except that you will have to speed up since you only have 7 seconds to complete the challenge.

This speed exercise will help you gauge your level of attention and focus. An important detail that should catch your eye. It is up to you to be reactive and to challenge your visual acuity, but also your cognitive ability.

vision test solution

Visual test solution – Source: spm

solve the puzzle

If you give up or time out without finding the right answer, don’t worry, very few people have found the wrong one.

On the other hand, if this challenge seemed easy to you and you took up the challenge without much difficulty, we congratulate you for your response and diligence. We encourage you to keep testing yourself regularly with this type of visual puzzle.

Curious to know the end of the story? Well, for those who had a hard time finding the solution, know that the error was hidden in the clock placed on the wall behind the little one. Look at it again and in a matter of seconds you’ll see that the 8 and 3 o’clock have been reversed. Details you didn’t seem to notice until now!

Now that you have the solution, test your friends to see if they can beat the challenge in turn.

Think of a solution

Thinking of a solution – Source: spm

What is a visual puzzle?

Visual puzzle is a perfect alternative to enjoy when you have free time. It consists in searching for people, animals, objects or numbers that are hidden in a particular image. Some puzzles have time limits, others don’t. They are also known by different terms: viral challenges, visual challenges, logic puzzles, visual puzzles, brain games, or visual tests.

Initially, these puzzles were first created with the purpose of entertaining people. But not only. With a real challenge behind it, these hilarious games very quickly took over social networks. These challenges, fueling internet users day by day, have gone viral. Everyone is trying to solve the puzzle and thus become part of the winning elite.

What are the benefits of these visual challenges or puzzles?

Solving visual puzzles has a host of benefits for those who decide to venture into it with enthusiasm.

Here are some important benefits:

  • It helps exercise memory: there are patterns that repeat themselves and make memorizing certain details essential to finding a solution to a visual puzzle.
  • Develop creativity: In this type of activity, the most obvious solution is not always the right one, so you have to develop your imagination and multiply your creativity to find the final solution to the required puzzle.
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress: By devoting all of your attention to trying to find a solution to the puzzle, the mind is able to relax and liberate, while at the same time reducing any source of stress or anxiety.
  • Improved observation ability: In visual puzzles, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail of the picture. For this reason, observation becomes the main tool for finding the final solution. Since then, we greatly stimulate visual acuity and make our ability to observe optimally.
  • Improved learning: Visual puzzles have been shown to help improve learning, especially in younger children, as they tend to improve visual processing, reasoning skills, and verbal comprehension.

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